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Here you can find answers to the most common product related questions we have received. Click on any of the topics below to learn more.

Stencil Thickness and Solder Paste Volume

Recommendations on stencil thicknesses and volume of solder paste in relation to Harwin products, from the Technical Team.

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Pure Tin plating considerations

The issues of Tin Whiskers, Discoloration and Dewetting when using a pure tin finish on connectors and components.

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UL Files for Harwin products & plastics

Harwin can supply the UL94 file listing number (starting QMFZ2) for any plastic used on any of our products.

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Outgassing in Harwin products

Harwin has requested information from our plastic suppliers to confirm outgassing figures for these materials used on active products.

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MSL, ESD and Shelf Life Policy

MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level), ESD (Electrostatic Sensitivity) and Shelf Life Policy for all Harwin products.

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Does your product have a shelf-life or expiration date?

Harwin operates a Shelf Life policy for all connector products containing plated components. IEC Standard 62435-4: 2018 (Electronic components –…

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What is the Plating thickness / finish thickness for Datamate / Gecko / M300 / Kona?

The plating thicknesses for each of our High-Reliability connector ranges varies across contact type.

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What is the Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) of your product?

Harwin is aware that certain housing materials used in the manufacturing of connectors are hygroscopic (tending to absorb moisture from…

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What is Datamate released to BS9525-F0033 (previously referred to as BS Datamate or British Standard Datamate)?

Designed for performance critical applications where operation and safety are paramount, achieving the highest level of quality.

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Can I get samples of Harwin products? How do I use the Sample Basket?

Harwin are happy to provide evaluation samples on request. You can order these from the Harwin website.

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Does Harwin offer a high performance connector system?

We have an ever-expanding portfolio of High-Reliability connector systems - these connector systems are key product ranges to Harwin, and…

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Where can I get specific technical information about Harwin products?

The Harwin website offers detailed product information on all standard products in our current portfolio, as well as a selection…

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What is the Mating Half for this Harwin product?

Some of our connector ranges have a very wide choice of mating items – please follow this process to find…

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I have a question on RoHS / REACH / Conflict Minerals etc.?

Please visit our Environment page for information relating to these subjects, and other related Materials Legislations.

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Can a standard connector be modified? Can you make a connector specific to our requirements?

Variations will depend on the amount of alteration required, type of product, quantity required and project timescales.

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I’m having trouble crimping your contacts

We understand that crimping and assembling loose contacts can be a bit tricky the first few times, so we have…

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Are contacts included with your connectors?

Harwin offer some connectors with contacts, but some connectors and contacts need to be purchased separately.

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What is the Pin Numbering / Pin Out System for this Harwin product?

Not all connector systems have full pin numbering (also known as pin out) - this is generally only a feature…

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