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EMC Shielding

Board Level Shielding (BLS),
innovative designs for easy assembly.

  • Surface Mount Clips for simple cans
  • Unique Shield Can Kit
  • Extensive range of Grounding Contacts
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EMC Shielding Products

Harwin's range of EMC Board-Level Shielding covers 4 product types, each with their own advantages over the traditional shielding and grounding solutions.

EMC Shield Cans

Harwin specialise in Nickel Silver cans in a simple 5-sided shape. Designed for use with Harwin's Shield Can Clips, no soldering is required on the can for easy fitting.

  • Eliminates hot spots due to hand or selective soldering as a second operation. Cans are assembled with a simple push operation.
  • Simple to rework - just pull the can out the clips to access the board underneath. Replace the can just as easily once finished.
  • Single-piece construction saves costs over complex fence-and-lid cans.

EMC Shield Can Clips

Harwin's wide range of Shield Can clips are all Surface Mount, supplied in Tape and Reel packaging for automated assembly placement.

  • Clips are assembled at the same time as all other SMT components on the board - eliminate secondary soldering operations.
  • Wide range of shapes to cover shield thicknesses from 1mm down to 0.17mm.
  • Low profile options for minimal height cans.
  • Variety of insertion force, including vibration-tested versions.
  • Improves signal integrity by eliminating through-holes that interfere with the ground plane.

Shield Can Kit

Everything you need to make your own customized size of shield can! Award-winning kit includes two pre-scored sheets, 24 Shield Can Clips and an instruction sheet. Just add a ruler and a pair of scissors.

  • Scored at 5mm intervals - simply cut the blank along the scores, then fold the 4 edges down.
  • Ultimate flexibility for developers - try out different sizes for prototyping and development work.

Spring Contact / Antenna Contact / Grounding Contact / Shield Finger

A comprehensive range of single spring contacts, suitable for shielding, grounding, mobile phone antenna and other general electrical connection applications. All contacts are Surface Mount, supplied in Tape and Reel packaging for automated assembly placement.

  • NEW! Development Kit DEV-001 with 16 different contacts and free refills.
  • 30 different designs, ranging from 1.23mm to 7.25mm vertical free heights.
  • Option of horizontal spring contacts for 90 degree  connection
  • Protected tip options to prevent hooking.
  • Positive stop options, to prevent over-stressed contacts.
  • Mounted in a row, the contacts can provide an excellent RFI shielding connection for metal doors or other cabinet enclosures.
  • The contact design ensures positive contact with the mating surface, and is tolerant to both wiping and sliding action.

EMC Shield Cans

Shield Cans - EMC Shielding


Shield Can Clips

Shield Can Clips - EMC Shielding


EMC Shield Can Kit

Shield Can Kit - EMC Shielding


Spring Contacts

Spring Contacts from Harwin - EMC Shielding


Spring Contact Development Kit

Spring Contact Development Kit

EMC Shield Cans

Material Nickel Silver, unplated
Shield Thicknesses 0.2mm or 0.3mm (3 sizes in each)
Shield Heights 5mm (0.3mm thickness), 3mm or 2.5mm (0.2mm thickness)
Design 5-sided box


Shield Can Clips

Material Beryllium Copper, Titanium Copper or Cupro-Nickel Alloy - Tin (over Nickel) finish
Shield Thickness For various sizes between 0.13mm to 1.00mm
Height, Length See individual product
Retention Force See individual product


EMC Shield Can Kit

Material Nickel Silver, unplated
Shield Blank Thickness 0.3mm
Shield Blank sizes 2 x 80mm x 60mm sheets, each pre-scored at 5mm intervals
Shield Can Clips 24 x S1711-46R


Spring Contacts

Material Phosphor Bronze or Titanium Copper - Gold or Tin (over Nickel) finish
Free Heights 1.23mm to 7.25mm
Working Heights 0.90mm to 6.95mm
Contact types
  • Antenna contact with Positive Stop
  • Antenna Contact - Extended C style
  • Spring Contact - C style
  • Spring Contact - Box style (protected tip)
  • Spring Contact - Multi-Directional (can be used in either vertical or horizontal orientation)

Catalog section for the range - EMC Shielding - Product Catalog

EMC Shield Cans

Product Training Module Shield Clips and Cans
Catalog Page Page 10


Shield Can Clips

Product Training Module Shield Clips and Cans
Catalog Pages Page 7, Page 8, Page 9
Test Reports


EMC Shield Can Kit

Product Training Module Shield Clips and Cans
Catalog Page Page 11
Instruction Sheet IS-39


Spring Contacts

Product Training Module Spring Contacts
Range summary Graph (with heights & compression)
Catalog Pages


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