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What browser should I use for Harwin.com?

This site is optimised for modern browsers that support standards-compliant HTML and CSS. Although every effort has been taken to ensure that this site can be used in older browsers, some pages may not display properly, or forms may not function as expected. If you are experiencing issues, try following these steps.

  • Check you’re using the latest web browser version. This checking function is supplied by the Browser-Update.org project.
  • If you need further help updating the browser, please see this webpage provided by Computer Hope, or this webpage from the WhatIsMyBrowser.com project.

Next, you should try clearing the cache of your temporary stored pages.

If you’re still experiencing difficulties, try using a different browser. The latest versions of popular desktop browsers can be found from these links:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari – this should be automatically supplied/updated by Apple. Safari for Windows is no longer available or supported.


Internet Explorer

Please note that we have done our best to support IE 11; however this browser is not designed to more modern standards used for the other browsers. There may be a few functions that do not operate as anticipated. If you find something not working as expected, please try using one of the other browsers.


If you still have issues once you’ve tried these fixes, please use the Contact form to talk to our Webmaster Team.

See also our Support article for issues specific to downloading CAD Models.

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