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Markets & Applications

Whether your products are in homes or factories, underground or orbiting the earth, saving lives or breaking technology boundaries, we have the right connection.


From the smallest turboprop to the largest passenger & cargo planes, specify connectors from an EN9100D / AS9100D certified company. Designed for vibration and temperature resistance.


Connectors and Hardware for the Defense industry, designed with COTS and SWaP-C optimization, proven performance and trusted by major manufacturers.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Connector solutions for vibration resistance (inside a wind turbine) or temperature environments (down an oil well). Tough, challenging environments need durable solutions.


Maintain production uptime with reliable connectivity and associated hardware. Industry-standard connections with added confidence in quality assurance and expert assistance.


When vital electronic equipment means the difference between life and death, quality and reliability in every component is highly important. No compromize is required.

Metering & Measurement

Precise monitoring and controls require reliable and trustworthy connections. Depend on quality, supply and service to ensure continuous signal transmission in sensing and detection.

Motorsport & EV (Electric Vehicles)

Connectors and hardware on the leading edge of transport technologies. Delivering connections to management systems, sensors and controls, and maintaining performance under pressure.


Commercial or government, launch to orbit, size and weight are crucial. Connectors on the edge of space must perform to requirements, as maintenance opportunities are slim to none.

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

Remotely operating a vehicle takes confidence in the hardware. Harwin connectors and board accessories deliver on size, weight, power and quality.

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