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2mm Pitch Signal + Power/Coax

Datamate Mix-Tek High-Reliability Connectors

Harwin’s Datamate Mix-Tek (M80 series) connectors provide the ultimate High-Reliability system in a single connection: 3A signal on 2mm pitch; 6GHz/50Ohm coax or up to 40A power on 4mm pitch. Rugged and high quality, ideally suited for a wide variety of testing environments and conditions.

About Datamate Mix-Tek

Datamate Mix-Tek
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Cable housings and contacts, and complete kits of housings & contacts. Pre-wired contacts available for prototyping and full production. See…

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Datamate Mix-Tek
PCB Connectors

Board-mounted connectors in mixed technology format. Low profile, with a variety of jackscrew options.

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Datamate Mix-Tek
Tooling & Accessories

Associated products and tooling hardware for the Datamate Mix-Tek range.

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