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Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies can be difficult to manufacture. They require: the purchasing of multiple tooling items; up-to-date training in both cable assembly methods and the specific connectors; a stock of cables that may have MOQ requirements. By outsourcing, these expenses can be avoided, and internal resource made available for other projects.

Harwin offer a wide range of off-the-shelf cables for our high-reliability and industry standard connectors. We also operate our own cable assembly facility, ready to provide a quotation on cable assembly or wire harness projects, manufactured using Harwin’s connector range.

Cable Generator

Build your own cable assembly using our online cable generator. Specify the cabled connectors you need for your design in just a few steps

Cable Generator
Ready-Made Cable Assemblies

Choose from a selection of ready-made complete cable assemblies and pre-wired contacts, ideal for both full production and prototyping requirements. Our specialist equipment and trained cabling experts can help you save time and money on new and established designs.

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