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Stencil Thickness and Solder Paste Volume

Recommendations from Harwin Technical

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Stencil Recommendations

  • Stencil thickness should be equal to the maximum coplanarity value of the connector tails.
  • Stencil openings / apertures for solder application should be the same size as the recommended pad layout (see the applicable Technical Drawing/Datasheet).
  • The solder paste used should be at least 80% solids by volume.
  • The solder joints should be inspected in accordance to IPC-J-STD-001, and the process adjusted if necessary.
  • Any parameters outside of this recommendation may require additional optimization of the soldering process, to achieve a satisfactory solder joint that meets the requirements of IPC-J-STD-001.


Solder Paste Volume

  • Calculation of solder volume for basic rectangular pads = Pad width x Pad length x Stencil thickness.
  • Solder volume for more complex shapes of pad can be calculated by finding the pad area, and multiplying by the stencil thickness.


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