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From equipping ground troops in middle of the desert to high altitude surveillance drones, you need product that performs every time. Specify Harwin product with confidence for rugged, robust performance in all these demanding scenarios.

For more aeronautical requirements, see Aviation. For more on remote aerial vehicles, see UAVs.

Why Harwin?

Harwin are certified to EN9100D / AS9100D, and have been supplying to major manufacturers in this sector for many years. Our high-reliability connector range Datamate is widely used across the full variety of applications in the Defense industry.

When SWaP-C* optimization is a must, then Datamate, Gecko and M300 from Harwin provide quality without compromise. Connectors in these ranges come with proven high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions of use: vibration & shock severity, high temperature and humidity.

* SWaP-C = Size, Weight and Power, Cost

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Typical Defense Applications

  • Avionics, flight controls and telemetry, HUD (Heads-Up Displays), FADEC units
  • Missile guidance, power systems, datacomms and targeting hardware
  • UAVs – unmanned aircraft and smaller drones
  • Radar systems, communications, detection equipment
  • Marine and ground vehicle operations

Connectors & Hardware for Defense Applications

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