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3 Reasons to use Ready-Made Cable Assemblies

In the industry / Training | 5th November 2019

Not all cable assemblies are the same. Some connectors are easier to assemble than others. And it’s not as simple as thinking “I’ll choose the easiest one to assemble” as these may not be fit for purp...

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Team Sonnenwagen Gear up for Race Across Aussie Outback

In the industry | 17th September 2019

Earlier this year we announced our sponsorshi...

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5 Considerations for Backpotting Cable Connectors

Training | 10th September 2019

Adding robustness to industrial hardware by backpotting is a cost-effective way to protect connections and prolong the lifecycle of the application. Complex and repetitive movements, such as the on...

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Driving Product Innovation through Apprenticeships and Training

News from Harwin | 28th August 2019

For many years Harwin has offered engineering apprenticeships in a multifaceted environment that provide training, support and real-world experience to its apprentices. Last year the ...

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Interconnect Considerations in Size and Weight Restricted Drones

In the industry | 20th August 2019

The environments in which drones operate are often demanding – having to deal with difficult environmental conditions, high degrees of vibration and potentially heavy shocks. There are also size and w...

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A brief history of the Warwick University Satellite Team

In the industry | 23rd July 2019

In their fourth year, Warwick University engineering students are organised into multi-disciplinary teams to participate in a major project that emulates how ‘real world’ engineering projects operate....

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Step-by-Step Guide to Backpotting

Training | 16th July 2019

In a previous blog post we covered the basics of Backpotting – what it is, why you use it, and what materials to use. Different epoxy ...

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7 Industries Utilising Drones To Maximise Efficiency

In the industry | 8th July 2019

From scanning the popular press, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that the skies are filled with drones. Their uptake has grown exponentially over the course of the last few years, as has the...

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How NASA Sent The First Humanoid Robot To The ISS

In the industry | 25th June 2019

On 24th February 2011, Robonaut 2 launched on board the last flight of the Discovery space shuttle, heading for the International Space Station, fulfilling a 15-year dream to put a humanoid...

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Gold Embrittlement in Connector Terminations: A Case of All That Glitters …

In the industry | 3rd May 2019

Since civilization began many thousands of years ago, gold has been an extraordinarily coveted material. Countless wars have been fought and crimes committed in order to get hold of it. In general, th...

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Sonnenwagen Aachen drive for podium position at the World Solar Challenge

In the industry | 23rd April 2019

This year Harwin are sponsoring 'Team Sonnenwagen Aachen' from RWTH Aachen University in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The team will assemble their solar-powered vehicle, equipped with Harwin...

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Embracing New Technology, Weathering Downturns & Championing Apprenticeships – Harwin’s Chairman Tells His Story

Life at Harwin | 16th April 2019

In a recent podcast conducted with EE World magazine, highly-regarded American tech journalist Aimee Kalnoskas talked at length with Damon de Laszlo. During their wide-ranging, multi-faceted discussio...

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3 Key Trends To Look Out For In The PCB Interconnect Market This Year

In the industry | 2nd April 2019

Wendy Jane Preston, Technical Marketing Engineer at Harwin, looks at the key trends that are currently affecting the PCB interconnect market and what the industry needs to do to tackle the resulting t...

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Potential of 'LPTA' to Drive Further Innovation

In the industry | 22nd March 2019

In response to continued cuts in military spending, the U.S. government has chosen to follow a more cost driven approach to its contract activity over recent years. This practice is commonly referred ...

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What is Backpotting? When do I use Backpotting?

Training | 21st February 2019

Definition of Backpotting and Potting Backpotting (or back-potting) is widely used in the connector industry to refer to the use of a potting compound on the rear of a connector (n...

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UAVs and UGVs: Protector or Pest?

In the industry | 13th February 2019

Though consumer-level drones have received a lot of bad press in recent times — near misses with aircraft, incidents where members of the public have been injured and flying contraband into prisons — ...

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Part 3. I Have a Prototype and Some Money – How to Scale from Small to Large-Volume Production

In the industry | 30th January 2019

In a podcast conducted with Electronic Product News, Robert Webber, Field Applications Engineer at Harwin, dis...

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Part 2. I Have a New Product Idea – Where Can I Get Funding?

In the industry | 23rd January 2019

Money, money, money. While some may think of it as the ‘root of all evil’, it is a necessary one when it comes to birthing an electronics design. In a recent ...

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Damon de Laszlo receives the degree of Master of Science Honoris Causa

News from Harwin | 21st January 2019

Damon de Laszlo was presented with the degree of Master of Science Honoris Causa at Durham University on Friday 11th January 2019 in recognition of his lifetime generosity and contribution ...

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Part 1. I Have a New Product Idea – Where Do I Start?

In the industry | 16th January 2019

Invention and inventiveness are all around us, but it takes a certain kind of tenacity to get an idea off the ground. Living and working in a technologically advanced society, many of us will have had...

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Harwin joins the Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association

News from Harwin | 9th January 2019

This month, Harwin has officially become a member of the Interconnect Technology Suppliers Association (ITSA) a highly respected UK as...

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Year in Review: 2018

News from Harwin | 19th December 2018

Another one bites the dust! 2018 got off to a great start with the launch of ‘Archer Kontrol’ joining the established ‘Archer’ 1.27mm industrial connector family. Now we’ve come full circle after anot...

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Electronica 2018 Round Up

In the industry | 21st November 2018

Wow what a week! I think I’ve just about recovered from the mega exhibition that is Electronica. It definitely lives up to its status as the biggest electronics show in the world, with the final figur...

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EMC/EMI Shielding Explained

Training | 10th October 2018

What is EMC Shielding? EMC Shielding is any method used to protect a sensitive signal from external electromagnetic signals, or preventing a stronger signal from leaking out and in...

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Monitoring Wildlife from Space Using CubeSats

In the industry | 13th September 2018

The Biodiversity Issue Figures differ significantly, but it is generally thought that between 300 and 850 animal species (including insects, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, etc.) b...

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Securing Future Engineering Talent via Modern Apprenticeship Programmes

In the industry | 29th August 2018

In the media furore that surrounded the last budget, it was pointed out many times that UK productivity is currently far from being what it should be. In fact, overall it trails behind what most other...

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The difference between THT and SMT

Training | 9th August 2018

Traditionally, through hole technology (THT) was used to construct the vast majority of PCBs. Over recent years, however, the use of surface mounted technology (SMT) has grown in popularity and is inc...

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Shell Eco-Marathon puts Ultra-Energy-Efficient Student Team Vehicles to the Test

In the industry | 19th July 2018

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to attend the Shell Eco-Marathon – which was held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Friday 6th July. This annual event attracts over 1,200 stude...

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3 Trends That Will Define Industrial IoT

In the industry | 29th June 2018

I recently attended the Hardware Pioneers IoT showcase in London, an extremely popular annual event that serves as a valuable platform via which aspirin...

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Why More Girls Should Choose a Career in Electronics

Life at Harwin | 21st June 2018

It’s International Women in Engineering Day on June 23rd which is a global awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering. There are ...

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What is a PCB Connector?

Training | 12th April 2018

A ‘PCB’ or Printed Circuit Board connects electrical components on a conductive track or between pads on the board. Some devices hold more than one PCB and will utilise a variety of equipment to build...

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Space Junk: Clearing a path through the maelstrom

In the industry | 20th March 2018

The existence of thousands of tonnes of floating space junk orbiting Earth is a growing problem for space agencies and research organisations such as NASA, ISRO and ESA. Now ...

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Designing Unmanned Military Vehicles to Ensure Soldier Safety

In the industry | 24th January 2018

Keeping military personnel out of danger is challenging for today’s defence forces. Many of the threats they face are ad-hoc, improvised and unpredictable. The utilisation of unmanned aerial vehicles ...

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Year in Review: 2017

News from Harwin | 21st December 2017

Where did that go?! 2017 seems to have disappeared in a blink of an eye and suddenly I’m surrounded by tinsel and Mariah Carey, again! What a year we’ve had though, now that we’re wrapping up for C...

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Component Suppliers Need to Respond as Formula E Raises the Stakes

In the industry | 19th December 2017

The fundamentals of Formula E racing are changing and the previous need for a mid-race car swap has been eliminated thanks to the development of stronger batteries. Of course it’s not just the batteri...

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Safeguarding Against Counterfeit Products

In the industry | 15th December 2017

The growing presence of fake components within the supply chain represents a major problem for the global electronics industry. Though considerable effort has been put into policing counterfeiters, cu...

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Team Harwin's Great South Run 2017

News from Harwin | 11th December 2017

In October, 20 volunteers from Harwin took on the 10 mile challenge through Portsmouth, and completed the 2017 Great South Run. ‘Why would anyone volunteer to run 10 miles?’ you may ask, well there we...

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