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Metering and Measurement

Even if your product is located in a stable, air-conditioned environment, quality is still a necessity, and product failure is unacceptable. Many monitoring systems are crucial for continued production, ongoing operations, or even in the handling of human lives.

Why Harwin?

Harwin are certified to EN9100D / AS9100D, and bring a continuing quality assurance in product manufacturing and performance. You can be confident in the supply and service that Harwin adds to its quality product.


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Typical Metering and Measurement Applications

  • Smart meters, flow regulation systems, handheld test equipment
  • Heat and gas sensor units, fire detection
  • Wireless modules and IOT datacomms
  • Patient monitoring, full body scanning, robotic surgery
  • Security & CCTV systems, infra-red and visible light cameras

Connectors & Hardware for Metering and Measurement Applications

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