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Harwin provides solutions for even the most demanding, cannot-fail environments where reliability can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

Harwin for Medical Applications

Harwin supplies rugged, high reliability components for medics on the move, as well as EMC shielding for PCB protection and compact connectors for cost-effective manufacture at volume.

  • Many years experience supplying the medical industry
  • Durable & reliable interconnects
  • Certified to EN9100D / AS9100D

Featured projects

  • Application: Modular ventilation unit with built-in screen.
  • Challenge: Lightweight and high reliability connectors required for a portable, modular ventilator and monitoring system. Flat, flexible connections required within each module.
  • Solution: Archer IDC connectors provide a quality connection system, including a low profile ribbon cable and surface mount PCB connectors with latches.
  • Application: Clinical Ultrasound for ObGyn, Cardiac and Respiratory care
  • Challenge: Key elements within medical equipment must be operational round the clock, and protected from electromagnetic interference.
  • Solution: EMC Clip and Shield solution to ensure uninterrupted operation. Manufacturing time and cost is reduced and the risk of heat damage is avoided by removing secondary soldering.

Connectors & Hardware for Medical Applications

Medical equipments needs to work reliably both for routine heavy usage and critical care applications. Harwin supports you in achieving the reliability and durability you need.

Gecko-SL, Gecko-MT, Gecko Latch Connectors

  • 2A signal, 10A power
  • Outgassing levels meet NASA / ESA requirements
  • -65°C to +150°C; 20g Vibration, 100g Shock
  • Components to full cable assemblies available

Learn more about Gecko connectors

Datamate J-Tek, Mix-Tek, Power, Coax, L-Tek Connectors

  • 3A signal, up to 40A power, 50Ω coax
  • Outgassing levels meet NASA / ESA requirements
  • -55°C to +125°C; 10g Vibration, 100g Shock
  • Components to full cable assemblies available

Learn more about Datamate connectors

Kontrol Connectors

  • 1.2A per contact
  • Polarized and shrouded; ready-made cables
  • Board-to-board variable height from 8-20mm
  • 3Gbits/s data rate

Learn more about Archer Kontrol connectors

Archer, M20, M22, M30, M40 PCB Connectors

  • 1mm to 2.54mm pitch
  • 0.5A to 3A per contact (pitch dependent)
  • Board-to-board and board-to-cable variations
  • Cost-effective solutions stocked in depth

Learn more about PCB connectors

EMC Shielding

  • SMT Clips and removable nickel silver cans
  • Clips available in corner and very low profile
  • 0.15/0.2/0.3mm thick cans ideal for high frequency
  • Easy for rework and maintenance

Learn more about EMC shielding

Spring Contacts & Pads, Pogo Pins

  • Free heights from 1.23mm to 8.20mm
  • High mating durability – 1K to 10K min cycles
  • Working heights from 0.90mm to 7.10mm
  • 1A to 9A max (design dependent)

Learn more about spring contacts and pads

PCB Hardware

  • SMT test points & cable management clips
  • Fixed & removable jumper links
  • Coin cell holders
  • Terminals & spacers / pillars / standoffs

Learn more about PCB hardware

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