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Can a standard connector be modified? Can you make a connector specific to our requirements?

The Datamate Mix-Tek series – a possible combination of signal, coax and power in one connector – has some standard Off-The-Shelf versions, but other variations are possible. Try the product filters on the Datamate pages to see some existing designs.

Customized EMC/RFI Shield Cans in square or rectangular single-piece designs are possible (subject to MOQ). Cans can be varied in length, width and height, and will be packaged in Tape & Reel for convenience and protection.

Pin Header Variants are also possible; we can offer these design options in the following PCB Connector ranges (the complete list is shown further down this article):

All Cable Assemblies can be offered in alternative lengths to the ready-made options. Generally this cable length can be offered from 60mm to 9999mm (10 meters) – 2.36″ to 393.66″ (32.8 feet). This will be subject to MOQ and lead-times. A variety of high-reliability cable options can be specified using the Cable Generator – this includes designs using Datamate, Gecko and M300. Contact us for alternative cable lengths on Archer Kontrol, Archer and other PCB connector ranges.


These and other alterations will depend on the amount of variation required, the type of product, the quantity required and the project timescales to be met. Please contact the Harwin Sales Team in your region with this data (particularly volumes required and project timescales). The Team will assess the viability of your request for technical and commercial feasibility, and will inform you if we can help.

Pin Header Variants, Custom Pin Headers
2.54mm Pitch (M20 Series):
2.00mm Pitch (M22 Series):
1.27mm x 1.27mm Pitch (M50 Series):
1.27mm x 2.54mm Pitch (M52 Series):

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