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High-Reliability Connectors

Innovative products for reliable, high-performance connectivity

Harwin is the original designer and manufacturer of the High-Reliability interconnect families Gecko (1.25mm pitch), Datamate (2mm and 4mm pitch), M300 (3mm pitch) and Kona (8.5mm pitch).

Hi-Rel connectivity with vibration, shock and temperature resilience for challenging environments and applications – aviation, space, motorsport, defense, medical and industrial. Select one of the categories to find the right product for your design.

1.25mm Pitch Connectors

Harwin’s Gecko (G125 series) connectors provide a low profile, dual row interconnect solution, ideally suited for stacking and cable mating…

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1.25mm Pitch Signal & Power

The smallest & most lightweight mixed-layout connectors, featuring 10A power contacts next to 1.25mm pitch signal contacts. Board and cable…

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2mm Pitch Connectors

Harwin’s Datamate (M80 and M83 series) connectors provide a compact and flexible interconnect solution, ideally suited for a wide variety…

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Datamate Mix-Tek
2mm Pitch Signal + Power/Coax

Harwin’s Datamate Mix-Tek (M80 series) connectors provide the ultimate High-Reliability system in a single connection: 3A signal on 2mm pitch;…

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3mm Pitch Connectors

Harwin’s M300 series brings a compact power solution to the High-Reliability portfolio, ideally suited for a wide variety of testing…

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Datamate Power & Coax
4mm Pitch Connectors

Harwin’s Datamate Power and Datamate Coax (M80 series) connectors are multiport 6GHz/50Ohm coax or up to 40A power on a…

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8.5mm Pitch Connectors

Kona delivers the ultimate power connector from Harwin – 60A max per contact on an 8.5mm pitch. Designed to withstand…

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