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High-Reliability Connectors

Innovative products for reliable, high-performance connectivity

Harwin is the original designer and manufacturer of the High-Reliability interconnect families Gecko (1.25mm pitch), Datamate (2mm and 4mm pitch), and M300 (3mm pitch). Select one of the categories to find the right product for your design.

1.25mm Pitch Connectors

Harwin’s Gecko (G125 series) connectors provide a low profile, dual row interconnect solution, ideally suited for stacking and cable mating…

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2mm/4mm Pitch Connectors

Harwin’s Datamate (M80 and M83 series) connectors provide an extremely flexible interconnect solution, ideally suited for a wide variety of…

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3mm Pitch Connectors

Harwin’s M300 series brings a compact power solution to the High-Reliability portfolio, ideally suited for a wide variety of testing…

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