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Outgassing in Harwin products

Outgassing in Harwin plastics

Outgassing (sometimes called offgassing) is the release of gas that was dissolved, trapped, frozen or absorbed in any material. Outgassing can include sublimation and evaporation (phase transitions of a substance into a gas), desorption, seepage from cracks or internal volumes, and gaseous products of slow chemical reactions. All can potentially introduce contaminants into a previously clean product.

Although this does happen under normal conditions to a small extent, the effect is most notable in vacuum or near-vacuum conditions. For Harwin products, this is a possibility for all plastics used in the manufacture of our products.

Harwin has requested information from our plastic suppliers to confirm outgassing figures for these materials used on active products. The information is given in the following table or you can download the PDF version here.

If the product you are interested in is not listed, do please use our Contact Form to ask the Technical Team for specific assistance.

Outgassing data for current Harwin products

The following is a list of all the outgassing data that Harwin have collected on the plastics used in our active products. If the product you require is not listed, do please contact Harwin on [email protected] and we will contact the relevant plastics manufacturer.


  • TML = Total Mass Loss
  • CVCM = Collected Volatile Condensable Materials
  • WVR = Water Vapour Recovered
  • The NASA outgassing data was obtained using test ASTM E 595-77/84/90 “Total Mass Loss and Collected Volatile Condensable Materials from Outgassing in a Vacuum Environment”. Materials having a value of 1% TML or less, and 0.1% CVCM or less, are described by NASA as “Low Outgassing” under NASA specification SP-R-0022. See https://outgassing.nasa.gov/.

Plastic material

Outgassing data

Used in Harwin products

Flex copperclad base Pyralux LF9111

0.79% TML, 0.02% CVCM (Manufacturer’s data)

Data applicable for Pyralux FR9120R, used on: Flex Circuit assemblies G125-F1, M80-F1.

Flex coverlay base Pyralux LF0110

0.77% TML, 0.01% CVCM (Manufacturer’s data)

Data applicable for Pyralux FR0120, used on: Flex Circuit assemblies G125-F1, M80-F1.

Flex FR4 rigid laminate Isola 370HR

0.22% TML, 0.01% CVCM, 0.07% WVR (Manufacturer’s data)

Flex Circuit assemblies: G125-F1, M80-F1.

Flex sheet adhesive Pyralux FR0200

0.99% TML, 0.04% CVCM (Manufacturer’s data)

Data applicable for Pyralux FR0100, used on: Flex Circuit assemblies G125-F1, M80-F1.

LCP – Vectra E130

0.04% TML, 0.02% CVCM (NASA data)

Data applicable for Vectra/Laperos E130i, used on: M22-654, M22-655, M22-713, M22-714, M402VF, M402VM, M40-301, M40-302, M40-401, M40-600, M40-620, M50-310, M50-312, M50-355, M50-365, M50-430, M50-470, M50-480, M50-490, M50-491, M701-340542. Data applicable for Vectra/Laperos E480i, used on: M55-600, M55-601, M55-602, M55-610, M55-700, M55-701, M55-702, M55-710.

PA46 – Stanyl TE250F6 Black

Fog = 0.06mg after 16h @100°C (DIN 75201-G gravimetric)

Test data for similar Stanyl 46HF5050: Pellets = 0.75% TML, <0.01% CVCM; Molded part = 1.01% TML, <0.01% CVCM

Selected Datamate L-Tek: M80-611, M80-613, M80-681, M80-690, M80-691, M80-753, M80-754, M80-770, M80-771, M80-782, M80-788, M80-790, M80-792, M80-798, M80-806, M80-807, M80-808, M80-809, M80-810, M80-811, M80-812, M80-813, M80-831, M80-832, M80-840, M80-841, M80-842, M80-843, M80-844, M80-845, M80-850, M80-851, M80-852, M80-853, M80-854, M80-882.

All M80-7XX Legacy 3-row series: M80-700, M80-701, M80-702, M80-703, M80-704, M80-705, M80-706, M80-707, M80-708, M80-709, M80C107422C, M80C107424C.

Datamate J-Tek Trio-Tek: M80-454, M80-455, M80-456, M80-459.

Datamate J-Tek (backshells only, not connector housing): M80-940, M80-941, M80-942, M80-943.

Other products: D01-992, D01-993, D01-994, D2899-42, S8401-46.

PA4T – ForTii F11 GN61400 Green

0.68% TML, 0.01% CVCM, 0.26% WVR (Water Vapour Recovered)

Gecko: G125-204, G125-224, G125-304, G125-324, G125-F1, G125-FC, G125-FD, G125-FS, G125-FV, G125-MC, G125-MD, G125-MH, G125-MS, G125-MV.

M300: M300-22X, M300-32X, M300-FC, M300-FV, M300-MC, M300-MV.

PA66 – Zytel 101F White

1.14% TML, 0.01% CVCM (NASA data)

Plastic Spacers: R30-161, R30-670, R40-671.

PA6T – Arlen CH230N

854ppm total emission after 10 minutes at 320°C

Data applicable for Arlen CH230NK, used on: M20-610, M20-611, M22-600, M22-601, M22-603, M50-350, M50-360, M50-390, M50 Pin Header Variants.

Data applicable for Arlen
, used on: M20-785, M20-890, M20-972, M20-973, M20-974, M20-975, M20-976, M20-977, M20-995, M20-996, M20-997, M20-998, M20-999, M20 Pin Header Variants, M22-201, M22-202, M22-203, M22-204, M22-251, M22-252, M22-253, M22-254, M22-258, M22 Pin Header Variants, M50-300, M50-315, M50-361, M52-505, M52-515, M52 Pin Header Variants.

Data applicable for Arlen E430N(T5), used on: M20-786, M20-787, M20-789.

Data applicable for Arlen E430NK-T5, used on: M20-875, M20-876, M20-877, M22-530, M22-532, M22-602, M52-500, M52-510.

PBT – Valox 420SEO Black

95-97% reflectance (DIN 75201); 0.33% TML, 0.07% CVCM (NASA data)

Selected Datamate L-Tek: all B5740, all B5741, all B5743, M80-101, M80-103, M80-864, M80-866, M80-867, M80-868, M80-869, M80-876, M80-877, M80-878, M80-879, M80-880, M80-887, M80-888, M80-889, M80-897, M80-898, M80-899, M80-FCxxxxxL0, M80-FD.

Other products: M22-19X, M7565, M7566, M7567, M7571, M7765, M7766, M7767, M7771, M7965, M7966, M7967, M7971, R30-940.

Data also applicable for Valox 310SEO, used on: M7680 to M7687.

PCT – ThermX CG907

0.67% TML, 0.01% CVCM (NASA data)

Data applicable for ThermX CG933, used on: D01-995, D01-997, D07XX, D08XX, D09XX, D26XX, D27XX, D28XX, D29XX, D8864, D95XXX.

PPE+PS – Noryl SE100 Gray

0.09% TML, 0.00% CVCM (NASA data)

Data applicable for Noryl SE100X, used on: M20-106, M20-107.

PPS – Fortron 1140L4 Natural

VOC <0.95µg/g, Fog <0.95µg/g (to VDA 278 / PB VWL 709)

0.05% TML, 0.00% CVCM (NASA data)

Data applicable for Fortron 1140L4 Black, used on Kona: KA1-201, KA1-MV1.

Data applicable for Fortron 1140A6 Black, used on: M20-615, M20-616, S8411, S8421.

Data applicable for Fortron 1131L4 Black, used on: Selected Datamate: all M80-4 (other than M80-454, M80-455, M80-456, M80-457, M80-458, M80-459), all M80-5, M80-665, M80-666, M80-826, M80-828, M80-836, M80-837, M80-F1, M80-FB, M80-FC (other than M80-FCxxxxL0), M80-FE, M80-FF, M80-MC, M80-MH, M80-MV. Datamate Hooded J-Tek (connector housing, not backshells): M80-940, M80-941, M80-942, M80-943. All M83 connectors (Datamate 3-Row).

Does not include any coax insulation.

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