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What is Datamate released to BS9525-F0033 (previously referred to as BS Datamate or British Standard Datamate)?

Designed for performance critical applications where operation and safety are paramount, Datamate released to BS9525-F0033 delivers the highest level of quality.

These Datamate components are subject to an additional pre-release test program by qualified personnel, and complemented by independent third-party environmental test programs completed annually. The products can be identified by additional printing on the plastic housings, showing the Factory Identification code FNC, and a date code showing the month/year of manufacture.

The product is tested to and complies with British Standard 9525-F0033.

Harwin is the original designer and manufacturer of Datamate, and has maintained this level of product quality continuously since 1987.

All applicable Datamate connectors have their own part number, separate from the standard Datamate part numbers beginning M80. The following part numbering structure will help locate the correct product.

For further information on this product range, please use the Contact form to talk to our Technical Teams.


  • Where a product is described as “Tin” finish, it is actually 90/10 Tin/Lead finish. The PC Tail (Throughboard) connectors are not RoHS compliant.
  • Some variations may be obsolete – please check the individual product page for current status.
  • All Datamate product released to BS9525-F0033 is made-to-order – please contact an authorized Harwin Distributor or your normal sales contact for a quotation.

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