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PCB Hardware

High Quality Board Accessories

Harwin has been manufacturing and designing PCB hardware accessories since the company’s foundation. The latest designs give easy solutions for saving PCB real estate and simplifying production or testing requirements.

Coin Cell Holders

Coin Cell Battery Holders/Retainers for Ø12mm and Ø20mm batteries, up to 3.2mm thickness.Low profile high retention options available.

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Jumper Links/Shorting Links

Links are an easy way of crossing over tracks when a design runs out of space on the PCB –…

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SMT Cable Clips

Surface Mounted cable management clips, for soldering directly to the PCB and eliminating secondary operations. Can also be used to…

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SMT Test Points

Test points give consistent, repeatable locations to take test readings from a PCB. Harwin’s range offers 3 sizes for different…

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Metric spacers (pillars, standoffs) in M3 or M4 threads, durable under high mechanical load, Brass/Nickel finish, Aluminium or Plastic.

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A wide range of single terminal pins (which can mate with the PCB sockets of the right size), turreted pins,…

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