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PCB Hardware

High quality turned and stamped
products for assisting equipment build.

  • Turned terminals, lugs and Spacers/Pillars/Standoffs
  • SMT Test Points and Cable Clips
  • Fixed and Removable Links
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PCB Hardware Accessories

Harwin has been manufacturing and designing PCB hardware accessories since the company's foundation. The traditional turned products are supplemented by a wide and innovative range of Surface Mount products.

Surface Mount Test Points

Test points have been available to the industry for some time, but standard designs require a secondary hand assembly to the PCB. Harwin's Test Points are Surface Mount, to be soldered at the same time as the rest of the components.

  • Test points give consistent, repeatable locations to take test readings from a PCB.
  • The test point is a sacrificial item - by hooking or probing this loop rather than a bare track or a component leg, damage to important circuitry is avoided.
  • Harwin's range offers 3 sizes for different types and sizes of probe hook and spring probes.
  • Small to tiny footprints, for space saving. Robust design for repeated use.

Jumper Links

Fixed Links are an easy way of crossing over tracks when a design runs out of space on the PCB - a cost-effective alternative to via plated-through holes and an additional layer to the PCB. Removable links can be used as a programming method (similar to Jumper Sockets on Pin Headers), or for connecting adjoining PCBs such as an LED array.

  • Both Fixed and Removable links are available in Through-Hole and Surface Mount Designs.
  • Range of heights and pitches to cater for different board requirements and to aid design flexibility.
  • Through-Hole Fixed links can be soldered directly to the PCB - Removable can be used with PCB Sockets designed for Ø1mm sockets.

Surface Mount Cable Clips

Typically cable management across a PCB utilizes plastic cable clips with either adhesive or snap-in bases. Harwin's unique metal Cable Clips offer a low profile, space-saving alternative.

  • Surface Mount metal construction can be assembled to the PCB at the same time as the rest of the components - no additional operations required.
  • Smaller footprint than equivalent adhesive clips.
  • Very low profile - side entry for cables keeps them very flat to the PCB.
  • As the clip is metal, it can also be used to ground coax braids - just expose the braid to make direct contact with the clip.

Turned Terminals and Lugs

A wide range of single terminal pins (which can mate with the PCB sockets of the right size), turreted pins, slotted lugs and solder buckets.

  • Terminals are soldered to the PCB for electrical connection, but the tail design also allows for swaging for added mechanical retention - Punch and Die tool sets also available for order.
  • Turreted lugs available in 1, 2 and 3 turret level versions.

Metric Spacers, Pillars or Standoffs

Known by any of these descriptions, the product type is still the same - threaded or clearance pillars, designed to hold apart board-to-board, or board from equipment case.

  • Metric thread sizes of M2.5, M3 and M4 - or clearance spacers suitable for M3 and M4.
  • Various styles of round or hexagonal body shape, wide range of body lengths, and Female/Female, Male/Female or Male/Male thread orientations.
  • Available in Brass (Nickel finish), Aluminium (passivate coating) or Plastic.
  • Stocked in depth across Harwin's Authorized Distributor Network.


The following images show the product ranges covered by Harwin's PCB Hardware portfolio. All Surface Mount items are supplied in Tape and Reel packaging for automated assembly.

For specifications, please see the individual Technical Drawing for any product.

Surface Mount Test Points

SMT Test Points


Jumper Links

Jumper Links


Surface Mount Cable Clips

SMT Cable Clips


Turned Terminals and Lugs

PCB Terminals


Metric Spacers, Pillars or Standoffs

Metric Brass Spacers

Picture shows Metric Threaded Spacers / Standoffs, Brass with Nickel finish. Clearance and Plastic locking spacers also available.

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