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Motorsport & Electric Vehicles

When your product is cutting edge technology, either for speed, for future transportation, or both, then you need to specify products that deliver quality performance now. Demand a connector that handles vibration & shock severity, high temperature and humidity.

Why Harwin?

Harwin are certified to EN9100D / AS9100D, driving a culture of continuous improvement to match these innovative technology markets. Whether inside the car or part of the trackside monitoring stations, reliability is still key – and Harwin delivers.


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Typical Motorsport & EV Applications

  • Electronic management systems and telemetry, HUD (Heads-Up Displays), cockpit systems
  • Navigation, GPS tracking, internal and external sensors and cameras
  • Trackside monitoring, communications and datacomms
  • Energy Recovery Systems (ERS), battery management

Connectors & Hardware for Motorsport & EV Applications

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