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Electric Vehicles

For cutting edge technology, either for speed, for future transportation, or both, then you need to specify products that deliver quality performance now. Demand a lightweight and reliable connector that performs under severe conditions of vibration & shock, high temperature and humidity.

Lightweight & Reliable Connectors

Specify Harwin for modern motorsport & EV applications requiring minimum added weight and maximum reliability, even under the stress of severe vibration, shock, heat and humidity.

  • Many years experience supplying the Motorsport & EV industry
  • Lightweight & reliable interconnects with small PCB footprints
  • Certified to EN9100D / AS9100D

Featured Projects

  • Project: Sockets for Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) PCBs on EV Power Module.
  • Challenge: IMS PCB boards, commonly used for heat dissipation, need to be kept electrically isolated, so standard through board sockets are unsuitable. A standoff socket on top was required for easy assembly in consideration of Design For Manufacture (DFM).
  • Solution: Bottom entry Sycamore Contact assembled in an inverted orientation for an SMT PCB Socket with the solder connections kept away from the lower layers of the assembly. The final assembly is easy to mate with the opposing PCB and terminal pins, making it fast and simple to produce and replace.
  • Project: EV Charging Station for public parking bays
  • Challenge: Rugged design required for long term environmental exposure such as heat, cold and humidity with easy maintenance and board spacing being important factors.
  • Solution: Archer Kontrol delivered the right level of performance and quality, capable of long-term consistent durability and cost-effective specifications – and at the right mated height.

Connectors & Hardware for Motorsport & EV Applications

Specify Harwin for lightweight and durable components able to handle vibration, heat and humidity.

Gecko-SL, Gecko-MT, Gecko Latch connectors

  • 2A signal, 10A power
  • Outgassing levels meet NASA / ESA requirements
  • -65°C to +150°C; 20g Vibration, 100g Shock
  • Components to full cable assemblies available

Learn more about Gecko connectors

Datamate J-Tek, Mix-Tek, Power, Coax, L-Tek connectors

  • 3A signal, up to 40A power, 50Ω coax
  • Outgassing levels meet NASA / ESA requirements
  • -55°C to +125°C; 10g Vibration, 100g Shock
  • Components to full cable assemblies available

Learn more about Datamate connectors

M300 connectors

  • Up to 10A power
  • Outgassing levels meet NASA / ESA requirements
  • -65°C to +175°C; 20g Vibration, 100g Shock
  • Components to full cable assemblies available

Learn more about M300 connectors

Archer Kontrol Connectors

  • 1.2A per contact
  • Polarized and shrouded; ready-made cables
  • Board-to-board variable height from 8-20mm
  • 3Gbits/s data rate

Learn more about Archer Kontrol connectors

Kona Connectors

  • 60A per contact
  • -65°C to +150°C; 20g Vibration, 100g Shock
  • Fast action mate-before-lock system
  • Cable-to-board at 8.5 mm pitch

Learn more about Kona connectors

EMC Shielding

  • SMT Clips and removable nickel silver cans
  • Clips available in corner and very low profile
  • 0.15/0.2/0.3mm thick cans ideal for high frequency
  • Easy for rework and maintenance

Learn more about EMC shielding

PCB Sockets

  • 2A to 20A options; 2, 3, 4 and 6 beam contacts
  • Mating pin sizes Ø0.46mm to Ø2.30mm
  • SMT and throughboard variations
  • Hi-Rel contact design on two-piece sockets

Learn more about PCB sockets

Spring Contacts & Pads, Pogo Pins

  • Free heights from 1.23mm to 8.20mm
  • High mating durability – 1K to 10K min cycles
  • Working heights from 0.90mm to 7.10mm
  • 1A to 9A max (design dependent)

Learn more about spring contacts and pads

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