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2 Pos. Male SIL Vertical Throughboard Conn. Screw-Locks

8.50mm Pitch High-Reliability Connector - Kona

  • Single Row Polarized Male 4.5mm PC Tail vertical throughboard connector with individually shrouded scoop-proof contacts – 2 contacts.
  • Includes fitted fixing screws with 5.2mm board mount studs. Use slotted nut KA1-4240000 for PCB strain relief.Gold finish on contact area and termination. Supplied with pick and place caps, in tube.
  • For complete pin numbering or pin out information, see Component Specification C052XX.
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Technical Details


Contact Pitch:

8.50mm (0.335")

Contact Gender:


Connector Orientation:


Connection Type:

PC Tail / Throughboard

Current Rating:

60A max per contact

Operating Temperature:

-65°C to +150°C

Soldering Data:

Max Solder Temperature: 260°C for 10 seconds

Style of Jackscrews:

Internal Thread Jackscrew with Board Mount Stud (Standard Gender)

Polarising Features:


End Stackable:


Side Stackable:


Can be cut to another size:


Number of Rows:


Number of Signal Contacts:



Finish / Plating on Termination:


Finish / Plating on Contact Surface:


Base Material of Contact:

Beryllium Copper

Housing Material:


Housing Colour:


Housing Material UL Rating:


Packaging Style:



Individual Part Weight:


Overall Dimensions (L x W x D) in mm:

33.00 x 10.50 x 14.70

Thread Size:


Height of Connector above PCB:


Length of Throughboard Tail:



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Questions & Answers Ask a Question

On the Kona series is the temperature rise shown in the test data the contact temperature rise or overall connector temperature rise?

In the Test Report Summary HT076, each connector tested is wired in series, as shown in the diagram and explained in section 3.2. This means the current passes through all contacts in each size connector tested, so the temperature rise will be for the whole connector. If you need any further assistance on this, please do contact one of our Experts.

Are the board/panel mount nuts supplied with this connector, or do I have to order them separately?

No, these connectors are not supplied with the board/panel mount nuts – you will need to order them separately. The part number is KA1-4240000 for a slotted circular nut.

What’s the derate curve for Kona connections?

You can find derate curves for the mated connectors in the Test Report HT076.

What torque value do you recommend for the jackscrews?

If you need to tighten your fixings to a torque setting for longer term installation, our recommendation is 22-25Ncm for both screw-locks and board/panel mount fixings. You can find this value stated in the Component Specification for Kona.

What’s the gold plating thickness on this connector?

Gold thickness on both male and female connectors is 0.76-1.00 microns (30-40 microinches) over a nickel undercoat. Please also consult our Support article on plating thicknesses for all our high-reliability connectors, where you can download a statement with more detailed information.

What is the pin numbering for a Kona connector?

Each housing is marked with a number 1 contact identifier in the plastic of the housing body. Once you find this, simply count along the row from that position.

Do I need a tool to fasten these connectors together?

It’s not necessary to use a tool unless you want to achieve the recommended torque of 22-25Ncm. The female connectors are fitted with thumbscrews that can be hand-tightened, but also have a hex socket feature in the end so that a 2mm A/F hex driver (or allen key) can be used.

What torque value should be used for these screw-locks?

The torque value for board or panel mounting and for mating screw-locks is 22-25cmN. This value is given in the Component Specification C052xx (page 3).






RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU) with Exemption 6c



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