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Harwin cuts secure connector assembly time with ‘quarter-turn’ Datamate 101Lok connector series

Harwin has just launched 101Lok, a fast-mate version of its secure, 2mm pitch, Datamate J-Tek cable to cable, cable to board and board to board connector family. Historically, secure mating has been achieved with the Datamate J-Tek version using Jackscrews. New Datamate 101Lok connectors require only a simple ‘quarter turn’ – actually 101 degrees – to ensure complete security of the retention device.

Faster assembly

101Lok connectors use specially designed-hardware tensioned by a coil spring to reduce the time required to mate the connector halves. This is ideal for those users that are seeking a faster means of assembly, whilst ensuring complete security of the retention device. This novel locking feature is also ideally suited to Harwin’s mixed technology Datamate Mix-Tek connectors, and also the Datamate Trio-Tek range where high production volumes demand minimal assembly costs.

Resists vibration

The spring tensioning also helps resist vibration in rugged environment applications such as aerospace, defense and motorsport, giving the same level of performance as the existing Datamate J-Tek range.

These new 101Lok connectors are designed to be very easy to use and require no special tooling. Our Datamate connectors are chosen because they are very rugged and highly resistant to shock and vibration. Now, with the introduction of these Datamate 101Lok variants, hi-rel users can speed up and simplify mating while still being assured of achieving the performance they require.

Paul Gillam | Product Manager
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101Lok fixings are available in the following styles:

  • PCB mounted Female Vertical Throughboard
  • PCB mounted Female Vertical Surface Mount
  • Female barrel cable-mount kit
  • Female Trio-Tek cable housing
  • Female T-Contact cable housing

When browsing product on the Datamate pages, Select ‘Bayonet Lock’ under Additional Features to see 101Lok connectors.


  • PCB mounted Male Vertical Throughboard
  • PCB mounted Male Horizontal Throughboard
  • PCB mounted Male Vertical Surface Mount
  • PCB mounted Male Horizontal Surface Mount
  • Male barrel cable-mount kit