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Datamate J-Tek - 2mm pitch High-Reliability Connectors

Secure & Robust 2mm Pitch Connectors for demanding applications.


High-Reliability for Harsh Environments

Datamate J-Tek is a 2.00mm pitch high-reliability, high performance connector range. The product has a proven track record for performance under extreme conditions; vibration, shock and high operating temperatures.

The J-Tek design provides a low-profile solution for all variations of cable-to-board, board-to-board and cable-to-cable interconnect requirements.

Product styles cover double row, vertical and horizontal in both Throughboard and Surface Mount designs for PCB flexibility. The jackscrew design provides maximum strain relief and enables the connector to perform in demanding environments.


Features of Datamate J-Tek



3A per signal contact (all electrically loaded; 3.3A per individual contact) at 2mm pitch

Capable of signal and low power within a compact design, saving PCB real estate

Proven 4-finger contact design

Maintains electrical continuity through high vibration and shock environments

Beryllium Copper Contact with -55°C to +125°C temperature range

Rugged and durable connector design with proven track record

500 Mating cycles durability

Suitable for both fit-and-forget and multiple testing and replacement cycles

World-class quality from the Original Designers of Datamate

Published test reports, proven track record, high quality requirements through the complete production cycle

Many popular products available from stock

20-day leadtimes on extended ranges, stock availability visible online.

Specification Highlights

Highlights from the C005xx Datamate Component Specification:

  • Current rating = 3A per contact for standard signal contacts
  • Voltage rating = 800V AC/DC
  • Maximum Voltage = 1200V AC/DC
  • Number of Mating Cycles = 500
  • Operating Temperature range = -55°C to +125°C
  • Vibration = 10G, 6 hours total
Other Range Options Available
  • Extra Small Bore contacts – suitable for 28-32AWG cable
  • 3 Rows – up to 96 contacts
  • T-Contact – up to 8.5A power per contact in the same 2mm pitch housing
  • Metal Backshells – additional shielding for complete EMC solutions
  • 101Lok fixings – quarter-turn fast assembly bayonet fixings
  • Guide pin female jackscrews – for blind-mating operations
  • Reverse Fix jackscrews – typically used for mating female PCB connectors to male cable connectors
  • Extended Wall housings – for the application of backpotting epoxy resin at the cable exit
  • Plastic Backshells/Hoods – to aid with manual assembly and external applications
Markets and Applications
  • Aerospace, Defense & Security – Radar, avionics controls, guidance systems, UAVs, radio communications, radar and tracking, vehicle electronics
  • Motorsport – Sensors and telemetry, navigation, ERS controls
  • Space – Satellites & CubeSats, communications, launch systems
  • Energy – Oil & Gas, renewable energy equipment
  • High-end professional electronics – Robotics, automation, drives & controls
  • Medical – Diagnostics, instrumentation

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