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5th March 2014 / Wendy Jane Preston

Datamate J-Tek Crimp with Extended Wall added to the Jackscrew range

Datamate J-Tek Extended wall connector

Datamate range now offers even greater flexibility and provides for additional strain relief.

Datamate male and female J-Tek crimp connectors with a choice of extended rear walls are now available from Harwin. These walls enable customers to seal the rear of the connector, by filling terminated connectors with potting material (typically an epoxy resin, also known as baackpotting). This has the double benefit of providing strain relief on the crimps, and also resists the ingress of dust and moisture.

COTS Connector system

The Datamate range is a professional connector system that sells at commercial prices. It is designed to conform to the requirements of BS 9525-F00033 and features high reliability four-finger Beryllium Copper contacts to ensure integrity of connection without loss of data. Products have been used successfully in the Bowman military radio system, the MBDA Seawolf air-to-air missile, and the A380 Airbus commercial jet.

Technical assistance from Harwin

Comments Wendy Jane Preston, Technical & Marketing Engineer: “The extended wall Datamate J-Tek range mates with known industry equivalents and is the same as our standard product apart from the new feature that assists backpotting. We believe our customers will benefit from the flexibility that comes from not having to procure high-price, over-moulded components. They will also enjoy superior connector performance, and can rely on the specialist technical backup that Harwin offers.”


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