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High reliability 3-row Datamate connectors from Harwin now available off-the-shelf

2mm Pitch, 3A per contact – 3 Row connectors feature up to 96 contacts per unit; now Off-the-Shelf

Popular high reliability and high performance, 3-row Datamate connectors from Harwin, the leading hi-rel connector and SMT board hardware manufacturer, are now available from stock – ‘Commercial Off the shelf’ (COTS). Stocked in 5 different configurations of PCB and cable variants and in 6 standard ‘most popular’ sizes from 18 to 96 ways, the 2mm pitch, 3A per contact connectors are ideal for use in board to board or cable to board applications where a high number of contacts is required in a small space. The 3 row design provides a smaller PCB footprint saving real estate on the PCB. The compact cable version saves space within the equipment.


Eliminating the lead time problems often associated with special ‘made to order’ products and enabling a cost saving over special design products. These new standard 3-row Datamate connectors are well suited for use in many markets, including Industrial, Medical and in particular the Aerospace & Military market where ‘Commercial off the Shelf’ (COTS) products are preferred to bespoke designs for cost and lead time reasons.

Graham Cunningham | Product Manager

A high density connector system, 3-row Datamate connectors from Harwin feature up to 96 high performance signal contacts in standard sizes of 18, 27, 36, 54, 60 and 96 signal contacts arranged in 3 rows. Designed for mating with 22 AWG and 24 – 28 AWG wire sizes, the devices are available with vertical or horizontal PCB tails.

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