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Harwin Presents TTI's John Sandy with Prestigious Chairman's Award

Hi-rel and SMD hardware manufacturer recognizes outstanding contribution to success

Harwin has presented John Sandy, Supplier Marketing Manager with TTI, Inc. in the U.S. with its prestigious Chairman’s Award. This is an occasional honor, which Harwin bestows at the personal direction of Chairman Damon de Laszlo for outstanding services provided to the company by a person or persons from a third party partner. In this instance, the award coincides with Harwin naming TTI as distributor of the year for North America and the two awards are very much related.

Image shows Andrew McQuilken (left) and Doug Steele (right) presenting the Chairman’s Award 2015 to John Sandy of TTI

Explains de Laszlo: “Success in the markets we operate in – primarily defence, hi-rel and industrial – is often dependent on the strength of the supply chain and the relationship between supply chain partners. John Sandy has performed superlatively in promoting Harwin throughout the TTI organization and with his vast product knowledge is able to target and support the relevant applications and customer base with great expertise. I am delighted to name him as the recipient of the Chairman’s Award and thank him for his contribution to ensuring that Harwin is recognized amongst TTI’s customer base as a leading supplier of hi-rel connectors and innovative surface mount PCB hardware products.”

Thank-you to Damon de Laszlo and Harwin for this honor. TTI has a very close relationship with Harwin and works hard to ensure that their excellent range of hi-rel and industrial products are promoted, stocked and supported. The efforts and hard work by the entire TTI team laid the groundwork and foundation for this achievement. TTI thanks Harwin for their continued support as we look forward to many more years of growth.

John Sandy | Supplier Marketing Manager, TTI Inc