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Harwin joins WeChat

How can I follow Harwin?

If you have a WeChat account already, you can search for Harwin or scan the QR code below to follow our official account. Stay up to date with new products, application stories and company news from Harwin.


What is WeChat?

WeChat began as an instant messaging and social networking app in China, which remains its primary function today, although it has since grown into a ‘super app’ for users.

The core functions combine communication, commerce and entertainment. Users can order movie tickets, split restaurant bills, book doctors’ appointments, do their banking, play games and shop both online and offline, all within a single platform.

WeChat’s primary function is to connect people to their social network, largely through instant messaging and moment sharing. QR codes are widely used throughout the platform to add other users to your contacts, join Group Chats, follow Official Accounts, make payments, or play games.

WeChat is remarkably unique in its all-encompassing nature.