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Can I get PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) certification from you?

The PPAP qualification system is primarily used in the automotive market and its supply chain. The process consists of a number of checks, testing, documentation and supplier determination, designed to maintain a consistent product through its complete life – from concept to obsolescence.

The PPAP process should be followed from a product’s first design. The process also requires a significant amount of support processes and documentation. These processes are not available on standard product from Harwin, as our products are not specifically targeted at the automotive industry. Therefore, Harwin are not able to offer PPAP for any standard product.

We may consider PPAP as part of the requirements for a customer special requirement – however, at this time the vast majority of our design, production and engineering processes are fully focused on the inception and manufacture of our growing portfolio of standard product. For further information please use our Contact form to communicate with our Technical Team.

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