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Gecko-MT connector – Lighter than a playing card!

Harwin Provides Industry with Smallest & Most Lightweight Mixed-Layout Connectors To Date.

Harwin continues to extend the scope of its high-reliability (hi-rel) connector portfolio through the introduction of mixed-layout versions of the company’s popular Gecko-SL series.

The next generation of high-rel connector is tested to extreme levels of G-force and temperature. Here are a few key features of the Gecko-MT:

  • Mixed current capacity of 10A & 2A
  • 20G vibration, 100G shock
  • 1.25mm pitch signal pin spacing
  • Up to 150°C operating temperature
  • Stainless steel Screw-Locks
  • Outgassing within NASA & ESA recommendations
  • Patented 4 finger contact
  • 1,000 mating cycles durability

One 2 + 8 + 2 Gecko-MT weighs less than a playing card!

Ideal for markets such as: Aviation – Motorsport & Electric Vehicles – Space – Defense & Security.

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