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Obsolescence 23-OCT-2023


8.00mm M3 Metric Clearance Circular (Farnell) Aluminium Spacer/Pillar (Farnell)

Hardware - Spacer (Standoff, Pillar)

  • Obsolete – use Replacement Product R30-6200814 for future orders.
  • M3 Clearance Circular Aluminium Spacer, Ø5mm O/D, 8mm body length.
  • Clear Passivation coating for corrosion resistance. Special packaging for Farnell.


Technical Drawing / Datasheet - R2303-R2326_obsolete.pdf

PDF Download

Obsolescence Notification 23-Oct-2023 - Product with specific packaging for Farnell

PDF Download

Product Change Notification 31-May-2016 - R30-620

PDF Download

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