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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

The EU WEEE Directive is designed to reduce the amount of consumer electrical and electronic equipment that, once it reaches the end of its working life, would otherwise end up in a landfill. It is designed to work in harmony with the RoHS directive by recycling as much equipment as possible, and thereby further reducing the amount of other substances potentially causing a pollution risk. This Directive was introduced with RoHS in 2003 – the latest version is 2012/19/EU.

As none of the products placed onto the market by Harwin are electronic or electrical equipment themselves, Harwin have no requirements to directly comply with any of the requirements of this directive. However, we understand that our customers may be directly affected. To assist any analysis of the materials that a customer is building into their own products, Harwin can supply Material Composition data.

All electrical and electronic equipment owned and used by Harwin is disposed of at the end of its working life as directed by the UK requirements under WEEE.


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