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EZ-boardware Parts

The range of EZ–BoardWare products from Harwin are all designed to make production processes easier, and in some cases eliminate extra processes altogether. Surface mount designs, available in tape and reel for fully automated assembly, these products will increase design flexibility and decrease costs.

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EZ–Shield Clips

EZ-Shield Clips

Also referred to as RFI Shield Clips, these clips are a fast and convenient method of securing a RFI shield can to a PCB. This removes secondary soldering, and makes re-work and maintenance damage-free and easy.

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EZ–Spring Contacts

EZ-Shield Fingers

Also known as Spring Fingers, RFI Shield Fingers or Grounding Contacts, these Spring Contacts can be assembled to PCBs and used as grounding or shielding contacts, in contact with metal frames or shields. Suitable for both wiping and sliding action, the individual contacts are ideal for automated placement.

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Linking between tracks and bridging over other tracks, these SMT Jumper Links can simplify board layout and may eliminate unnecessary through holes and even a PCB layer.

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EZ–Test Points

EZ-Test Points

By soldering these SMT Test Points to a circuit board, test engineers have easy and convenient points on the PCB to take their readings. This minimises the damage risk, and are easily soldered at the same time as the rest of the components.

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EZ–Cable Clips

EZ-Cable Clips

Replace manual assembly of plastic cable clips by using these SMT Cable Clips. Capable of retaining cables up to 3mm, these clips will remove another operation from the production process.

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EZ–Board Socket

EZ-Fuse Clips

A SMT product that offers a cost effective alternative to turned PCB sockets. EZ-Board Sockets are ideally suited to less physically demanding applications; the sockets are designed for SMT assembly and come in industry standard tape & reel packaging.

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EZ–Coin Cell Battery Holder

EZ-Cable Clips

Low profile SMT Coin Cell Holders provide a cost effective solution to the problem of battery mounting. Coin cells are securely held in place, yet they can be quickly and easily removed when they run down.

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