Space is a unique and extreme operating environment. Vacuum, cosmic and thermal radiation, cost implications for launch thrust, vibration, high cost of failure and repair make it a specialist field with exacting requirements.
Satellite in space with Earth in the background
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Harwin for Space

Harwin interconnects are used in build programmes by some of the world’s leading space projects.

  • Many years experience supplying the space industry
  • Lightweight, small footprint, high reliability interconnects
  • Certified to EN9100D/AS9100D
  • Featured Projects

    Proven high reliability under the most extreme environmental conditions: severe vibration & shock, high temperature and humidity.

    image of satellite communications system
    • Project: Base satellite communications system

    • Challenge : With many cables and a long Bill of Materials (BOM) the customer wanted to stick with a consistent connection type for the different cable-to-board connections, on top of a rugged connector system for an outdoor operating environment.

    • Solution: Datamate J-Tek 2-row and 3-row connectors use the same cabling and connection system across a wide range of connector sizes – all capable of meeting the customer’s environmental concerns.

    Satellite TV from Geostationary Orbit
    • Project: Satellite TV from Geostationary Orbit.

    • Challenge : panel-to-panel connection rugged enough to survive launch and orbiting conditions for enclosed server units to launch and operate in earth-orbit satellites, yet easy to blind-mate on assembly.

    • Solution: Using Datamate J-Tek with a combination of female guide pins and male panel mount, both cable connections provide panel mounting with space-grade, high-reliability performance.

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