Metering & Measurement

Whether in stable, air-conditioned environments, or harsh terrain exposed to the elements, quality is a necessity where monitoring and metering products must not fail to avoid issues with data collection and ongoing operations.
Metering and measurement
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Reliable Metering & Measurement

Specify Harwin for high reliability and durability in must-not-fail monitoring and metering applications.

  • Many years experience supplying parts for monitoring & metering
  • Lightweight, reliable & cost-effective interconnects
  • Certified to EN9100D/AS9100D
  • Featured Projects

    Servo motor
    • Project: Location and temperature reporting from servo motors

    • Challenge : With a small footprint, it must be robust enough to withstand demanding environments. Shorter terminations required for Pin-In-Hole reflow (PIHR) solder processes with tape and reel packaging.

    • Solution: Datamate L-Tek connectors with 2mm terminations, suitable for PIHR processing, packaged in tape-and-reel. The Datamate L-Tek range is compact, robust, and proven in challenging applications.

    Home gas monitor
    • Project: Gas Meter for in-home metering

    • Challenge : Built for the Dutch market, shielding components were required for in-home gas supply metering units with strict RF attenuation profile requirements in a low profile, space constrained area.

    • Solution: Micro shield clips and low profile cans to minimise space requirement and protect components from damage in harsh and extreme environments.

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