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Harwin Adds Female Contact for Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cabling to its Datamate Mix-Tek Options

Building on the program where the different elements of its 4mm-pitch Datamate Mix-Tek connectors can be sourced separately, Harwin now offers a new female contact option to its customer base.

Like all Mix-Tek coax contacts, the M80-310 is designed for data carrying, with support for frequencies reaching up to 6GHz. This latest contact can be fitted with a 1.19mm/0.047-inch diameter semi-rigid coaxial cable. The 90° orientation means that it is optimised for situations where there is limited room available above a cable-to-board connection.

Datamate Mix-Tek for Semi-Rigid Coax Cable

The M80-310 contacts are suitable for use with the complete range of different Mix-Tek high-reliability (Hi-Rel) housing types – from 2 to 12 position versions. These housings come with a variety of jackscrew styles to ensure mated connections capable of resisting up to 10G vibration and 100G shock.

They are also fully compatible with all existing male coax contacts in the Mix-Tek portfolio, giving a 50 ohm impedance connection. With gold plated contacts and outer shell, these contacts can withstand a minimum of 500 mating cycles.

These contacts will be stocked and available through Harwin’s global distribution network. Among the main applications that they will be integrated into are robots, industrial equipment, military/aerospace hardware and satellites/CubeSats.

“Based on numerous customer enquiries recently received, we could see that there was a real need for a Datamate Mix-Tek contact variant that would support 0.047-inch semi-rigid coaxial,” states John Brunt, Product Manager for Datamate at Harwin. “This particular cabling format is now proving very popular in a variety of industry sectors, addressing scenarios where built-in shielding and tight routing are required.”

Datamate Coax Contact for Semi-Rigid Cable

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