Datamate 2-Row Mix-Tek Female Crimp Connector, Hex Socket jackscrews, 14 x Small Bore (24-28 AWG) signal contacts, 3 x Special contact spaces, not supplied with any special contacts


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Datamate 2-Row Mix-Tek Female Crimp Connector, Hex Socket jackscrews, 14 x Small Bore (24-28 AWG) signal contacts, 3 x Special contact spaces, not supplied with any special contacts

2.00mm/4.00mm Pitch High-Reliability Connector - Datamate Mix-Tek

  • Complete kit: housing (with hex socket head (Allen) jackscrews) with 14 x signal contacts supplied loose. Special contacts (coax or power) not supplied (3 special contact holes available).

  • Small Bore signal contact suitable for 24 to 28 AWG cable (√ò1.1mm max insulation). Gold finish on contact area, Tin finish on termination.

  • For complete pin numbering or pin out information, see Component Specification C005XX.

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Technical Details



Environmental Compliance

Technical Documentation

Product Information

Test Reports

Technical Details


  • Contact Pitch:

    2.00mm/4.00mm (0.079"/0.157")

  • Contact Gender:


  • Connector Orientation:


  • PCB Mounting:

    Cable (Crimp)

  • Wire Size:

    24-28 AWG

  • Mating Pin Size:

    Ø0.5mm (signal)

  • Style of Jackscrews:

    Floating Jackscrew with Hex Socket Head (Standard Gender)

  • End Stackable:


  • Side Stackable:


  • Number of Rows:


  • Number of Signal Contacts:


  • Number of Special (Power or Coax) Contacts:


  • Finish / Plating on Termination:

    100% Tin over Nickel

  • Finish / Plating on Contact Surface:


  • Base Material of Contact:

    Beryllium Copper contact clip, Brass shell

  • Housing Material:


  • Flammability Rating:


  • Packaging Style:

    Single Pack

  • RoHS Status:

    RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU) with Exemption 6c

  • Connection Type:

    Cable (Crimp)

  • Current Rating:

    3.3A max individual contact, 3A max simultaneous (25°C)

  • Weight:


  • Dimensions:

    36.00 x 5.50 x 8.50

  • Operating Temperature:

    -55°C to +125°C


    Environmental Compliance

  • M80-4C114F2-03-000

  • Environmental Legislation Statement - includes all material legislations

  • REACH - Harwin statement including all current SVHCs & Annex XIV & XVII

  • Extended Mineral Reporting Template (EMRT) - Company Summary Statement

  • Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) - Company Summary Statement

  • Technical Documentation

  • Technical Drawing / Datasheet - M80-4C114F2-03-000.pdf

  • Plating thickness on Datamate power and coax contacts

  • C049XX Component Specification - Cable Assembly Specifications for all HRi products

  • Plating thickness on Datamate signal contacts & T-Contact

  • C005XX Component Specification - Datamate M80 and M83 Series (2.00mm + 4.00mm pitch High-Reliability)

  • Outgassing data for Harwin products (plastics)

  • Product Information

  • IS-52 - Datamate Mix-Tek Assembly and Contact Removal Instruction Sheet

  • Catalog page - Datamate Mix-Tek Pin Numbering + Mating Profiles

  • Distributor part numbers for suitable cables for Datamate + Gecko + M300 & Kona

  • IS-25 - Z80-280 Assembly Tool Instruction Sheet

  • IS-01 - M22520/2-01 Hand Crimp Tool Instruction Sheet

  • Datamate J-Tek and Mix-Tek - list of currently available Jackscrew types and their mating jackscrews

  • Product Training Module - Cable Products from Harwin

  • Product Training Module - Cable Connectors and Assemblies from Harwin

  • Product Training Module - Guide to Datamate Latches (L-Tek) + Jackscrews (J-Tek) and 101Lok

  • Product Datasheet - Datamate Mix-Tek range (HRi)

  • Product Training Module - Overview Guide to the Datamate range + 2 & 4mm pitch High-Reliability

  • Test Reports

  • Test Report HT020 - Datamate Mix-Tek Special Contacts - Environmental + Mechanical and Electrical

  • Test Report HT005 - Datamate L-Tek Female Crimp Retention and Integrity (Pull-Off Force)

  • Test Report HT015 - Datamate Environmental (Vibration + Shock + Bump) - J-Tek and 101Lok

  • Test Report HT004 - Datamate J-Tek Environmental - Vibration + Shock + Bump + Acceleration and other tests

  • Test Report HT016 - Datamate L-Tek Female Crimp detailed Mechanical Forces and Contact Resistance

  • Test Report HT025 - Datamate L-Tek Environmental - Detailed Vibration + Shock and Bump

  • Test Report HT001 - Datamate Mechanical Endurance - number of cycles + up to 10 +000

  • Test Report HT017 - Datamate L-Tek Contact Resistance after 3 and 15 years Artificial Aging

  • Test Report HT002 - Datamate Voltage Proof + Voltage Flashover + and Insulation Resistance

  • Test Report HT019 - Datamate Frequency Testing to EIA-364-108-2000(2007) + USB2.0

Cable Assembly

Ready-made complete cable assemblies and pre-wired contacts

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