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Datamate T-Contact - Power on 2mm pitch connector

Datamate T-Contact and associated housings

Pushing the boundaries on signal current carrying capabilities - 2.00mm Pitch High Reliability Datamate Connector Accessory

The T-Contact is a single-piece beryllium copper contact capable of up to 8.5A when used on 2mm pitch Datamate J-Tek. The patented design uses a 6-finger construction to improve the current-carrying capacity of the existing Datamate contact.

The design of the T-Contact brings a number of performance benefits:

  • Current Rating - up to 8.5A max (dependent on number of contacts)
  • Vibration - 40G (390m/s²) for 6 hours
  • Durability - 1,000 mating cycles
  • 60% more contact wipe than the existing design
  • Heavy gold plating - 0.76-1.00µm (30-40µ")
  • Meets IPC-A-620 specifications

Download the Component Specification for full details and comparison with existing Datamate performance ratings.

Product Range

The range consists of a crimp cable female contact and associated dual row J-Tek housings. These are all sold separately. In the following part numbers, xx is the total number of contacts the housing accommodates, from 04 to 50 (even numbers only):

Part Number Description
M80-2060005 Female T-Contact - crimp suitable for 22AWG wire
M80-413xx98 Female crimp housing with hex slotted floating jackscrews
M80-414xx98 Female crimp housing with hex socket floating jackscrews
M80-415xx98 Female crimp housing with Reverse Fix jackscrews, 3.5mm panel mount studs
M80-417xx98 Female crimp housing with Guide pins, 5mm panel mount studs
M80-418xx98 Female crimp housing with 101Lok (quarter-turn) fixings
M80-2130000B Slotted panel mount nut
M80-2430000B Hexagonal panel mount nut

To crimp these contacts, Hand Crimp Tool M22520/2-01 and Positioner Z80-444 are required. Insertion Tool Z80-280 is required to fit the crimped contacts into the housings.

Markets and Applications

Typical uses for the Datamate T-Contact include many applications where high-reliability connectors are already specified, but where power requirements or size constraints are increasing. These include:

  • Aviation - UAVs, radar and other avionics, in-flight systems and engines or power systems
  • Motorsport and Transport - communications, sensors and telemetry, GPS tracking and navigation
  • Energy - oil, gas and renewable sources
  • Industrial - drives and controls, robotics and other motor systems
  • Space - onboard satellites and CubeSats, launch systems and communications
  • Defense and Security - radio communications and camera systems, power control modules and actuators


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