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Kona Connectors

8.50mm pitch High-Reliability Connectors

Kona expands the Harwin High-Reliability portfolio into new levels of current – 60A per contact. Designed to withstand testing environments and conditions. Currently offered in 2, 3 or 4 single row configuration, for vertical cable-to-board or cable-to-cable. Vibration and shock resistant, compact power future-proofed.

About Kona

  • 60A max per contact
  • 6-finger contact design to maintain electrical contact through high vibration and shock
  • Beryllium Copper contact for improved temperature range: -65°C to +150°C
  • 8.5mm pitch achieves up to 3,000V without flashover
  • Individually shrouded contacts with a recessed design (avoids accidental touch contact)
  • Thumbscrew mate-before-lock fixings for ease of use
  • Metal backshells for cable, panel and PCB mounted connectors provide EMI/RFI shielding

Other useful features include reverse fix screws, polarization, and identification of the #1 position. Harwin provides CAD Models and Test Reports to assist with your design activities.

Heart of the Connector

A compact yet powerful 6-fingered male Beryllium Copper contact, turned in Harwin’s state-of-the art HQ facility. Capable of 60A per contact, with minimum PCB footprint and height above board. Maintaining the high quaility standard set by other High-Reliability connectors in the range. Capable of power connections for demanding applications on land, sea and air.

Kona male contact, showing 6-finger Beryllium Copper single piece contact

Kona is a focus product for Harwin, and is undergoing an active development program. The Cable Assembly Service is available for this range as a value-added service – see the Kona Cable Assembly products for the configurations available. contact us for more information.

Technical Details



High performance Beryllium Copper, Gold finish


40% Glass-Filled High Temperature PPS, rated to UL94V-0


Stainless Steel



60A max per contact

Working Voltage

1,500V DC or AC peak

Maximum Voltage (sea level)

3,000V AC for 1 minute

Maximum Voltage (altitude)

500V AC for 1 minute at 70,000ft/21km/44mbar

Contact Resistance

2mΩ max

Insulation Resistance

10GΩ min at 1,000V


Operating Temperature

-65°C to +150°C

Humidity Classification

96 hours at 90-95% RH

Vibration (with fixings)

10-2,000Hz, 1.52mm, 196m/s² (20G), 12 hours total

Shock (with fixings)

981m/s² (100G) for 6ms


VOC <0.95µg/g, Fog <0.95µg/g (to VDA 278 / PB VWL 709); 0.05% TML, 0.00% CVCM (NASA data)



250 mating cycles

Insertion force (per contact)

50N max (initial), 70N max (after conditioning)

Withdrawal Force (per contact)

3N min

Wire Specification

Recommended Wire type

Silicone Rubber insulation (ISO 10993, UL Style 3213)

Wire Size

8 AWG (133/29AWG)

Insulation Diameter

Ø7.50mm max

Strip Length



Technical Documents

Component Specification (including pin numbering system)

PDF Download

Catalog & Brochures

Kona – Product Datasheet

PDF Download

Test Reports

Test Report HT076 – Kona – General (Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental)

PDF Download

Product Training

Kona Overview

PDF Download

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