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Datamate Connectors

2.00mm Pitch High-Reliability Connectors

Harwin’s Datamate (M80 and M83 series) connectors provide an extremely flexible interconnect solution, ideally suited for a wide variety of testing environments and conditions. Connectors are available in single, double and triple row configurations. Vibration and shock resistant, wide operating temperature range.

About Datamate

  • 3A per signal contact (all electrically loaded; 3.3A per individual contact) at 2mm pitch
  • Proven 4-finger contact design to maintain electrical contact through high vibration and shock
  • Beryllium Copper contact for improved temperature range: -55°C to +125°C (testing in progress to confirm higher)
  • 500 Mating cycles durability
  • World-class quality from the Original Designers of Datamate – published test reports and proven track record
  • Many popular products available from stock – 20-day leadtimes on extended ranges. Stock availability visible online.

Heart of the Connector

The compact design of a 2mm pitch connector (for signal), the global availability of a product range stocked in depth, the established high-reliability of a COTS connector system. Datamate has become the connector range of choice in many demanding applications on land, sea and air.

Cutaway of Datamate crimp contact, showing 4-finger Beryllium Copper contact inside

Datamate is a focus product for Harwin, and is undergoing an active development program. The Cable Assembly Service is available for this range as a value-added service – contact us for more information.

Product Styles

  • Datamate J-Tek – The ultimate security and strain-relief, a variety of connector systems with a choice of slotted or hex socket jackscrew fixings, with board-mount for PCB connectors and panel mount for cable connectors. Polarized, with #1 contact marked. Includes Datamate 101Lok (quarter-turn bayonet fixings for fast mating and unmating) and Datamate 3-Row (triple row connectors also known as the M83 series).
  • Datamate L-Tek – The original 2mm pitch connector system. Designed and Developed by Harwin, we are the only manufacturer supplying to British Standard 9525-F0033.

See also Datamate T-Contact – up to 8.5A power contacts on 2mm pitch. Datamate Mix-Tek – 4mm pitch single-row 20A/40A power contacts or 6GHz, 50Ohm coax contacts mixed with 2mm pitch double-row signal contacts, based on the Datamate J-Tek housing design. For power or coax only connectors, see Datamate Power & Coax, connectors without any signal contacts.

Technical Details


Female Contacts

High performance Beryllium Copper contact, Gold finish – Brass outer shell in Gold or Tin (over Nickel) finish

Male Contacts

Copper Alloy, Gold or Tin (over Nickel) finish


30% Glass-Filled High Temperature Plastic, rated to UL94V-0


Stainless Steel


Beryllium Copper, Tin over Nickel finish



3.3A max

Working Voltage

800V DC or AC peak (360V DC or AC peak at 30,000ft/9km/300mbar)

Maximum Voltage

1,200V DC or AC peak

Contact Resistance

25mΩ max

Insulation Resistance

100MΩ min


Operating Temperature

-55°C to +125°C

Humidity Classification

56 days at 95% RH

Vibration (with latches)

10-2,000Hz, 0.75mm, 98m/s² (10G), 6 hours total

Shock (with latches)

981m/s² (100G) for 6ms


Product range includes a variety of plastics – please check the Outgassing page


Durability (contacts)

500 mating cycles

Insertion force (per contact)

2N max (M80 series), 1N max (M83 series)

Withdrawal Force (per contact)

0.2N min

Wire Specification

Recommended Wire types

BS 3G 210 Type A, MIL-W-16878/6 type ET, M22759/11-xx

Wire Sizes

22 to 32 AWG

Insulation Diameter

Ø1.1mm max for Large & Small bore contacts, Ø0.75mm for Extra Small bore contacts

Strip Length



Technical Documents

Component Specification (including pin numbering system)

PDF Download

Catalog & Brochures

Datamate – Product Datasheet for signal connectors

PDF Download

Test Reports

Test Report HT001 – Datamate Mechanical Endurance – number of cycles, up to 10,000

PDF Download

Test Report HT002 – Datamate Voltage Proof, Voltage Flashover, and Insulation Resistance

PDF Download

Test Report HT004 – Datamate J-Tek Environmental – Vibration, Shock, Bump, Acceleration and other tests

PDF Download

Test Report HT005 – Datamate L-Tek Female Crimp Retention and Integrity (Pull-Off Force)

PDF Download

Test Report HT006 – Datamate L-Tek and J-Tek Male Crimp Retention and Integrity (Pull-Off Force)

PDF Download

Test Report HT010 – Datamate Mechanical – Horizontal SMT Contacts for male J-Tek connectors

PDF Download

Test Report HT011 – Datamate Mechanical – High Temperature Mould material for L-Tek crimp sockets

PDF Download

Test Report HT012 – Datamate Mechanical – Horizontal SMT Contacts for male L-Tek connectors

PDF Download

Test Report HT015 – Datamate Environmental (Vibration, Shock, Bump) – J-Tek and 101Lok

PDF Download

Test Report HT016 – Datamate L-Tek Female Crimp detailed Mechanical Forces and Contact Resistance

PDF Download

Test Report HT017 – Datamate L-Tek Contact Resistance after 3 and 15 years Artificial Aging

PDF Download

Test Report HT019 – Datamate Frequency Testing to EIA-364-108-2000(2007), USB2.0

PDF Download

Test Report HT025 – Datamate L-Tek Environmental – Detailed Vibration, Shock and Bump

PDF Download

Test Report HT044 – Datamate L-Tek Locking Latch number of operations with applicable hand tools

PDF Download

Test Report HT074 – Datamate Flex Circuit – Electrical

PDF Download

Test Report HT079 – Datamate Shielded Cables Attenuation

PDF Download

Product Training

Datamate Overview Training Module

PDF Download

Metal Backshells Training Module

PDF Download

Guide to Latches, Jackscrews, 101Lok

PDF Download

List of Jackscrews

PDF Download

Using the L-Tek Hold-Down strap

PDF Download

Panel Mount with Datamate

PDF Download

Flex Circuit Assemblies with Hi-Rel Connectors

PDF Download

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