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British Standard Datamate (BS 9525-D0033) high reliability connectors used in commercial aerospace applicationsThe Datamate high performance / high reliability connector range is approved to meet the exacting requirements of British Standard 9525-F0033, this conformity is made possible by Harwin’s High reliability 4 finger Beryllium Copper Contact technology.

The Contact features a 4 finger beryllium copper clip to ensure integrity of connection under the most severe conditions. The Datamate range is ideal for applications where safety is key, the application is subject to high loads of vibration and shock or operates in harsh environments. Find out more about Datamate to British Standard.

Datamate Contact shown in cutaway
The 4 finger Beryllium Copper Contact Contact, high reliability in a compact package.

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Datamate features and benefits

Datamate high reliability cable harnesses are used in high end industrial applications
Datamate high reliability connectors are used in both military and commercial aerospace applications

  • High reliability / high performance connector system at commercial prices
  • 4 finger Beryllium Copper Contact ensures integrity of connection
  • Proven history in High End Industrial and Mil / Aero applications
  • Suited for use in environments where high vibration, shock and extremes of temperature are a consideration
  • J-Tek and L-Tek fixing variants offer additional security
  • Customer specific variants available
  • Mates with known industry equivalents
  • Superior connector performance: see specifications
  • Subject to continual approval testing
  • Global distribution network – stocked in depth
  • Significant future development program
  • Specialist technical backup
  • Ideal for COTS applications
  • Extensive test data available
  • Complies with BS9525-F0033 / CECC 75101-008


To satisfy customer demand across all markets Harwin are maintaining production of leaded components in the Datamate range. Look for the symbols below to determine the order code required. More information on Harwin’s RoHS policy.

Mix-Tek Datamate connectors used in medical applications

RoHS compliant & lead free process compliant RoHS compliant & lead free process compliant

Solder tails feature Tin / Lead Solder tails feature Tin / Lead

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