Spring Contact Development Kit added to range

8 Feb 17

    8 Feb 17

    Spring Contact Development Kit added to range

    Kit of 16 different contacts supplied with free refill service

    The Spring Contact Development Kit is the ideal prototyping kit for customers using SMT Spring Contacts. Containing 16 different contacts in strips of Tape and Reel, the kit is an easy reference library for Harwin’s product range. Electronic Design Engineers at OEMs and Design Houses can now immediately try out one or more of the contacts by keeping this kit on hand, instead of waiting for the delivery of samples contacts.


    Free Refills

    Each Kit contains a Registration Card – please follow the instructions to register your kit with our team on [email protected]. Then, if you ever use up any of the spring contacts, just email [email protected] and request a replacement for that part number.

    Contents List

    The kit (part number DEV-001) is packaged in a stackable, durable box and contains a selection from each different style, 20 of each contact:

    ProductContact StyleTechnical DrawingS7221-45RAntenna, Positive StopS7221-45R.pdfS7271-45RAntenna, Positive StopS7271-45R.pdfS7121-42RC StyleS7121R.pdfS1741-46RC StyleS1741-46R.pdfS1761-42RC StyleS1761-XXR.pdfS1761-46RC StyleS1761-XXR.pdfS1791-42RC StyleS1791-42R.pdfS7061-42RC StyleS7061R.pdfS7061-46RC StyleS7061R.pdfS7131-45RExtended Antenna S7131-45R.pdfS7161-45RExtended AntennaS7161-45R.pdfS7101-42RBox StyleS7101R.pdfS7051-42RBox StyleS7051R.pdfS7071-46RC/Box StyleS7071R.pdfS7081-42RPoint Contact S7081R.pdfS1941-46RMulti-DirectionS1941R.pdf


    Harwin’s Spring Contacts come in different styles that can include anti-hooking features, positive stop, low profiles and multi-directional contacts. These contacts have multiple uses including general electrical connection, antenna feeds and providing grounding, signal line transfer and shielding against EMI noise and static.

    These uses make them suitable for many applications, including:

  • Motion control units
  • Mobile power systems
  • Environmental monitoring equipment
  • Broadcast and Communications
  • IOT and wireless modules
  • Industrial controls
  • Smart phone antennas
  • Development Kit

    123 DEV-001

    SMT Spring Contact Development Kit