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Harwin Announces Winner of its High Coveted Chairman's Award

This distinction is only awarded on an occasional basis. It celebrates the continued efforts of standout individuals working at partner organizations that have significantly contributed to increasing Harwin’s sales revenue and helped the company to attain long-term growth. The award is given out under the personal direction of the company’s Chairman, Damon de Laszlo.

Damon & William de Laszlo handing award to David Botton

On this occasion, David Botton – Vice President of Application Engineering & Sales at Israeli distributor ShirTech – has been presented with the prize. It recognizes the major influence he’s had on raising Harwin’s profile in the region, and securing sales across the newly redefined HRi high-reliability, BBi board-to-board and EZi board-level hardware product categories.

It has resulted in year-on-year increases in booking and billing figures, with particularly strong uptake in avionics, commercial space, radar and medical oriented projects. Consequently, ShirTech has become Harwin’s #1 distribution partner in the region.

Having started working in the electronics sector in the mid-90s, David has close to 30 years industry experience to draw on. During that time, he has built up an unrivalled aptitude in relation to interconnect and electro-mechanical technology, as well as an in-depth understanding of the various design challenges that OEM engineering teams face.

Through his awareness of customer applications and detailed knowledge of Harwin products, David has played a pivotal role in driving design-in activity. In addition to his innate ability to interact with customers’ engineering staff and address their requests, he has also given advice and local insight to Harwin’s business development manager for the region.

“David has been a valuable asset to Harwin for a long time and is undoubtedly a worthy winner of this award,” Harwin Chairman, Damon de Laszlo, stated.  “I would like to thank him personally for the exceptional work that he is undertaking for us on a daily basis. Harwin is privileged to have such high caliber people that we can rely on.”

“It was really wonderful news to hear that I was receiving this award from Harwin, and I am incredibly grateful,” said David of ShirTech in response. “This will act as a catalyst, further motivating the ShirTech operation that I am a part of to raise the bar still higher – nurturing new business opportunities across Israel.”