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Individual SMT Spring Loaded Pogo Pin, 2.5mm

Spring Loaded Contact - Pogo-Pin

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Product Description

  • Surface Mount, 2.5mm free height and 2mm working height.
  • Gold finish on contact area and termination. Packaged loose.
  • Mates with any contact surface, or Surface Mount Contact Pads S70 series.

Technical Details


Connector Orientation:


Connection Type:

Surface Mount (SMT)

Current Rating:


Operating Temperature:

-40°C to +85°C

Soldering Data:

Max Solder Temperature: 260°C for 10 seconds

Polarising Features:


Can be cut to another size:



Finish / Plating on Termination:


Finish / Plating on Contact Surface:


Base Material of Contact:


Packaging Style:



Individual Part Weight:


Overall Dimensions (L x W x D) in mm:

2.50 x Ø1.14

Height of Connector above PCB:


Frequently Asked Questions Ask a Question

Why is there no voltage rating for this contact?

Voltage rating is calculated from the flashover voltage – the voltage at which the electricity can break down the air gap and jump between two contacts. With a single contact, the voltage rating you achieve will depend on the space you leave between two contacts, or a contact and any other conducting element. So we are unable to give a voltage rating for single contacts, as it will depend on your usage.

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I am looking at spring loaded contacts and contact pads but don’t see how they can be wired and mounted?

These designs were intended for SMT soldering to a PCB or similar, rather than wire mounting. You could either make a wired connection elsewhere to the PCB, or investigate methods for soldering wires to flat surfaces.

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What is the difference between the maximum height and the maximum working height? Is it conducting at maximum height?

At maximum height, the item has reached the limit of its travel. if any surface is making contact at maximum height, there is no spring force maintaining a positive contact – any tiny amount of movement might cause disconnection from the mating surface. At the maximum working height, the contact is maintaining a good electrical contact to the mating surface with a positive spring force.

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As the bottom of this pogo pin is round, how do we surface mount it to the PCB without it falling over?

This may require some additional support, something temporary that can be removed from the PCB after soldering. This pogo pin designed was originally designed to be used within a multi-pin connector design, which is why it has a retention band for retaining within a housing. In this case, you would have multiple contacts or the connector housing would have additional support features. Sorry, but we are unable to provide any additional support fixtures.

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RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU) with Exemption 6c

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