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Female 22AWG Cable Crimp Contact

2.00mm Pitch High-Reliability Connector - Datamate

  • Large Bore signal contact, for 22 AWG wire (Ø1.1mm max insulation).
  • Use with all types of female Datamate (L-Tek, J-Tek, Mix-Tek, etc.).
  • Gold finish on contact area, Tin finish on termination.
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Technical Details


Contact Pitch:

2.00mm (0.079")

Contact Gender:


Connector Orientation:


Connection Type:

Cable (Crimp)

Cable Conductor Size:


Mating Pin Size:


Current Rating:

3.3A max individual contact, 3A max simultaneous (25°C)

Operating Temperature:

-55°C to +125°C

Number of Signal Contacts:



Finish / Plating on Termination:

100% Tin over Nickel

Finish / Plating on Contact Surface:


Base Material of Contact:

Beryllium Copper contact clip, Brass shell

Packaging Style:



Individual Part Weight:


Overall Dimensions (L x W x D) in mm:

7.45 x Ø1.46


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Questions & Answers Ask a Question

I don’t have the hand crimping tool – do you offer a service of pre-crimped connectors?

We have a wide variety of pre-cabled contacts and full assemblies. For individual contacts fitted with cable, we have options in 150mm and 300mm lengths (single and double-ended). We also have a wide range of ready-made cable asemblies. If you need something more specific to your requirements, you can try our Cable Generator service, or contact our Experts.

Can we use crimp contact M80-01100xx with 24 AWG wire?

If you require a crimp contact for 24AWG, please use instead crimp contact M80-01300xx. There is a risk of splitting the crimp bore if you try and crimp 24 AWG wire into an M80-01100xx contact. Please note you can mix M80-011, M80-013 and M80-019 contacts in the crimp housings, they all fit in identical cavities in the housings.

When I crimp this terminal, the conductor crimp is over the inspection hole – isn’t this a defect per IPC/WHMA-A-620?

We have a support article relating to this question, but essentially the hole you see is not designed to be an inspection hole. It is a plating hole, to allow the finish materials to reach the bottom of the crimp bore and help ensure performance. As such it is not relevant to IPC-A-620. Applying a crimp using the correct tools will indeed overlap the plating hole by 25 to 50%, but this is intended and expected. The design of the Datamate connector is so compact, there is no room to move the crimp area away from this hole without making the whole connector design larger.






RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU) with Exemption 6c



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