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Female Vertical Throughboard Ø1.00mm Contact

Sockets - Individual Throughboard PCB Socket

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Product Description

  • PC Board Socket for mating Ø1.00mm Pin, retention feature, open-ended – Gold finish on contact area and termination.
  • Uses 4-finger Beryllium Copper contact clip – Vibration 10-2,000Hz, 10G, 6 hours.
  • Product still requires soldering for electrical connection.

Technical Details


Contact Gender:


Connector Orientation:


Connection Type:

PC Tail / Throughboard

Mating Pin Size:


Current Rating:

10A max at 25°C, 7.5A max at 85°C

Operating Temperature:

-55°C to +125°C

Soldering Data:

Max Solder Temperature: 260°C for 10 seconds

Entry Style:

Top Entry


Finish / Plating on Termination:


Finish / Plating on Contact Surface:


Base Material of Contact:

Beryllium Copper contact clip, Brass shell

Packaging Style:



Individual Part Weight:


Overall Dimensions (L x W x D) in mm:

6.00 x Ø3.18

Height of Connector above PCB:


Length of Throughboard Tail:


Frequently Asked Questions Ask a Question

How do I assemble this knurled contact? Does it need soldering as well?

The knurl on the contact is for additional mechanical retention only – it will need soldering for a true gas-tight joint. The contact is simply pressed into the PCB, with a bench press or similar.

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Why is there no voltage rating for this contact?

Voltage rating is calculated from the flashover voltage – the voltage at which the electricity can break down the air gap and jump between two contacts. With a single contact, the voltage rating you achieve will depend on the space you leave between two contacts, or a contact and any other conducting element. So we are unable to give a voltage rating for single contacts, as it will depend on your usage.

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Are these available in tape and reel?

Sorry, but our PCB turned sockets are not offered in a tape and reel format. To use them as part of an automated system, you would have to consider something like a vibratory bowl feed. Our SMT stamped contacts are available in tape and reel: SYCAMORE Contacts S9111-45R, S9121-45R, S9131-45R and S9141-45R, or our Twin-Beam SMT contacts S9091-46R and S9101-46R.

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Why do we need to solder this press-fit socket, and what method should I use?

The knurl on this PCB contact is solely for mechanical retention. It is not intended to give a gas-tight joint when assembled into a plated-through hole, and performance may vary or be unreliable. We therefore strongly recommend that the PCB socket is soldered to the applicable area of the PCB. Wave soldering or hand soldering on the PCB underside should be suitable methods – pin-in-paste soldering may be possible, but you will need to check how much solder is maintained after assembling the socket.

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RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU) with Exemption 6c

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