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SYCAMORE Contact - SMT PCB Socket

Sycamore Contact from Harwin (patent pending)

A range of low profile, single-piece SMT sockets, supplied on tape and reel. Patent Pending.

Single Piece Surface Mount Socket

The SYCAMORE Contact is a single-piece, SMT socket contact. It is designed for direct assembly to the PCB, using two terminals to balance on the PCB and for the rest of the contact to sit in a hole in the PCB. The design eliminates the outer shell typical on existing two-piece PCB sockets, and adds the flexibility of Tape and Reel packaging for automated assembly. It improves on existing SMT sockets by including 3 points of contact for ensuring signal continuity, and improved material choice for durability.


  • Beryllium Copper base material - for an operating temperature range -50°C to +125°C
  • Gold-plating finish - in combination with the Beryllium Copper gives a durability of 500 mating cycles
  • 4 styles available (see list further down)
  • Tape and Reel (1400 contacts per reel), ideally suited for automated assembly
  • 6A current rating
  • 0.3mm maximum above PCB


Contact Design Options:

Part number Description
S9111-45R Top entry; accepts mating pin Ø1.5-1.9mm
S9121-45R Bottom entry; accepts mating pin Ø1.5-1.9mm
S9131-45R Top entry; accepts mating pin Ø0.8-1.3mm
S9141-45R Bottom entry; accepts mating pin Ø0.8-1.3mm



These contacts are ideally suited for PCB layouts with field-replaceable modules with odd-form termination layouts. By locating a SYCAMORE Contact at each termination point, the module can be easily removed and replaced at any time.

Temperature-sensitive components can also benefit from being assembled to the PCB via SYCAMORE Contacts. The SYCAMORE Contacts are subjected to the SMT process along with the rest of the board components. The temperature-sensitive component can then be added after, with no exposure to heat from either SMT soldering or post-operation hand solder.

This contact is therefore suitable for the sensor applications industry, such as domestic and commercial gas detection systems, fire alarms and metering systems.

SYCAMORE Contact assembled to PCB - cutout

View of a cutaway PCB showing the SYCAMORE Contact assembled


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