Durability and High Performance on 1.27mm (.05”) Pitch

1.27mm pitch durable, rugged board-to-board and cable-to-board connectors, offering designers a robust and flexible connection choice for a wide scope of industrial and other related applications. With a fully shrouded design, these connectors are suited for blind-mating applications.

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Kontrol Stencil


Capable industrial-grade connection with complete flexibility. Reliable and space-saving connections, polarized and protected for automated manufacturing and fault-free assembly.

  • Current rating of 1.2A per contact

    High performance product

  • Vertical and horizontal options

    Available in both male and female connectors

  • Variable stacking height options

    From 8mm to 20mm

  • Ready made cable assemblies

    150mm and 300mm lengths

  • 500 mating cycles

    Highly durable interconnect

  • Robust and fully shrouded

    Withstands lateral and twisting forces on mating

  • SMT hold-down tabs

    Providing additional strain relief

  • Polarized housings

    Error free assembly

  • Supplied in tape & reel

    High volume surface mount assembly

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