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Your products are responsible for production uptime for your customers. Failure will cost them downtime and resource. Specify quality connectors from Harwin, designed for industrial environments.

Harwin Industrial Applications

Harwin excels for industrial applications where reliability and quality are paramount.

  • Many years experience supplying industrial applications
  • Durable & reliable interconnects
  • Certified to EN9100D / AS9100D

Featured Projects

  • Project: Power Distributor for Humanoid Robot
  • Challenge: High density requirement, combined with high power (up to 80 A peak). Fast mating/unmating was key due to large number of connectors.
  • Solution: Customer upgraded the power pins and locking mechanism in second generation design to 6X Datamate high-power connectors.
  • Project: Robotic Arm
  • Challenge: Fine pitch connections required to save space on PCBs, capable of low current data signals and polarized for easy assembly.
  • Solution: 1mm pitch board-to-cable connectors, polarized and shrouded. Easy to mate, connects in only one direction.

Connectors & Hardware for Industrial Applications

Where reliability and durability are required in an industrial setting, Harwin products are well suited to the challenge.

Kontrol Connectors

  • 1.2A  per contact
  • Polarized and shrouded; ready-made cables
  • Board-to-board variable height from 8-20mm
  • 3Gbits/s data rate

Learn more about Archer Kontrol Connectors

Archer, M20, M22, M30, M40 PCB Connectors

  • 1mm to 2.54mm pitch
  • 0.5A to 3A per contact (pitch dependent)
  • Board-to-board and board-to-cable variations
  • Cost-effective solutions stocked in depth

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Spring Contacts & Pads, Pogo Pins

  • Free heights from 1.23mm to 8.20mm
  • High mating durability – 1K to 10K min cycles
  • Working heights from 0.90mm to 7.10mm
  • 1A to 9A max (design dependent)

Learn more about SMT contacts, pads & pogo pins

EMC Shielding

  • SMT Clips and removable Nickel Silver Cans
  • Clips available in corner and very low profile
  • 0.15/0.2/0.3mm thick cans ideal for high frequency
  • Easy for rework and maintenance

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PCB Sockets

  • 2A to 20A options; 2, 3, 4 and 6 beam contacts
  • Mating pin sizes Ø0.46mm to Ø2.30mm
  • SMT and throughboard variations
  • Hi-Rel contact design on two-piece sockets

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PCB Hardware

  • SMT test points & cable management clips
  • Fixed & removable jumper links
  • Coin cell holders
  • Terminals & spacers / pillars / standoffs

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