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PCB Sockets

Individual Sockets, IC Connectors

Turned and stamped sockets for
individual placement or odd-form components

  • 2 to 20 Amps
  • Mating pin sizes Ø0.46 to 2.30mm
  • Ultra-low profile SMT options
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Turned Body PCB Sockets

A range of two-piece construction sockets - inner spring finger contact with outer shell. Using the same contacts as the Datamate and M300 connectors, proven high-reliability technology.

  • Accepts nominal mating pin sizes of Ø0.50mm, Ø0.80mm, Ø1.00mm and Ø2.00mm
  • Proven 4-finger and 6-finger contact designs to maintain electrical contact through high vibration and shock
  • Beryllium Copper Contact for improved temperature range: -55°C to +125°C
  • Minimum of 500 mating cycles durability
  • Variants include knurls for mechanical PCB retention, and open-ended sockets for longer pins

Stamped SMT Sockets

Harwin's experience in connector design and SMT hardware products enabled the development of twin-beam and 3-beam contacts (SYCAMORE Contacts), designed to accommodate a wide pin range.

  • Ultra-low profile on the PCB - barely more than a material thickness above the board
  • Accommodates mating pins 0.80mm to 1.90mm, square or round
  • Supplied in Tape and Reel packaging, ideally suited for high volume automated assembly
  • SYCAMORE Contacts - 3-Beam in Beryllium Copper for increased operating temperatures -50°C to +125°C; twin-beam in high-quality Phosphor Bronze material for -40°C to +105°C operating temperatures
  • Rated between 5 Amps and 9 Amps (design-dependant)
  • Reduced component and machine placement costs

Horizontal Test Sockets

A selection of dual entry horizontal sockets with insulating bodies, that accept Ø2.03mm test probes.

  • 5 Amps, 1,500V
  • Color-coded options available in the Throughboard style
  • Surface Mount version available in Tape and Reel packaging for automated assembly

IC Sockets, Modular Socket and Header Strip

A selection of legacy 2.54mm pitch turned socket and header connectors.

  • Single Row Through-hole Socket strip, accepts mating pins Ø0.40 to 0.56mm.
  • Single Row Through-hole header strip, with Ø0.69mm mating pins.
  • Dual Row IC Socket range - 6 to 64 contact, with row pitches at 7.62mm (0.3"), 10.16mm (0.4"), 15.24mm (0.6") and 22.86mm (0.9").

Turned Body Sockets

PCB Sockets from Harwin


Stamped SMT Sockets

Surface Mount single-piece stamped Sockets


Horizontal Test Sockets

Test Sockets from Harwin


IC Sockets, Modular Socket and Header Strip

IC Sockets and Headers

Turned Body Sockets

Material Beryllium Copper inner contact, Brass outer shell. See individual sockets for finish.
  • 2A max for Ø0.5mm sockets
  • 10A max for Ø0.8 and Ø1mm sockets
  • 20A max for Ø2mm sockets
  • 500 mating cycles for Ø0.5mm and Ø2mm sockets
  • 1,000 mating cycles for Ø0.8mm and Ø1mm sockets
Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C
Vibration 10-2,000Hz, 0.75mm, 98m/s² (10G), 6 hours total


Stamped SMT Sockets

Material Beryllium Copper, Gold finish (3-beam) or Phosphor Bronze, Tin (over Nickel) finish (2-beam)
  • 6A max for 3-beam (SYCAMORE Contact)
  • 5A max for Ø0.8-1.5mm 2-beam socket
  • 9A max for Ø1.1-1.8mm 2-beam socket
  • 500 mating cycles for 3-beam (SYCAMORE Contact)
  • 25 mating cycles for Ø0.8-1.5mm 2-beam socket
  • 100 mating cycles for Ø1.1-1.8mm 2-beam socket
Operating Temperature
  • -50°C to +125°C for 3-beam (SYCAMORE Contact)
  • -40°C to +105°C for 2-beam socket


Horizontal Test Sockets

Material High-Temperature Nylon (Polyamide) 9T housing, rated to UL94V-0. Phosphor Bronze contact, Gold finish.
Current 5A
Durability 100 mating cycles
Operating Temperature -40°C to +105°C


IC Sockets, Modular Socket and Header Strip

Material (sockets) High-Temperature Plastic, rated to UL94V-0. Beryllium Copper inner contact, Gold finish. Brass outer shell, Tin (over Nickel) finish.
Material (headers) High-Temperature Plastic, rated to UL94V-0. Brass contact, Tin (over Nickel) finish.
  • 1A max for sockets
  • 1.5A max for headers
  • 100 mating cycles for IC sockets
  • 500 mating cycles for socket strips
  • 1,000 mating cycles for headers
Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C
Component Specifications
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Product Training Module
Test Reports
  • HT042xx - SMT Stamped Socket for 0.8-1.5mm mating pin
  • HT007xx - SMT Stamped Socket for 1.1-1.8mm mating pin
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