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Featuring highly-durable board-to-board connectors aimed especially at industrial and embedded applications. Designed for ease of integration and addressing acute space constraints, key products in this range are the widely used Indess, Kontrol, Archer and the Flecto series.

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Harwin’s Archer range comprises both fine pitch (1.27mm) pin header and socket connectors and ultra-fine pitch (0.5mm & 0.8mm) high-speed mezzanine connectors.

The board-to-board designs are great for mezzanine daughterboard to motherboard signal transfer with high contact density. Gull-wing SMT terminations allow easy solder inspection.

The connectors use modern resilient materials, future-proofed for a long life: Halogen-free, RoHS compliant and free of REACH SVHC materials.

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A range of compact 1.27mm (0.05″) pitch durable connectors, for board-to-board and cable-to-board connection. PCB mounted mating connectors offered in both vertical and horizontal orientations, capable of parallel board-to-board stacking heights of 8mm to 20mm. Ready-made cable assemblies with compact IDC connectivity. High-quality connections for demanding industrial needs.

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The 2.54mm pitch connector has been a cornerstone of modern electronics for many years. The durable and proven system suits many applications. The 2.00mm pitch connectors were added shortly afterwards in the drive for miniaturization and are a similar design but with a smaller PCB footprint.

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Flecto is designed to provide movement in the X, Y and Z axes of the male connector. The movement allows for added location tolerance, which is required when multiple connectors are used to connect the same two PCBs.

The mating area of the male connector can move by up to ±0.8mm from the centerline. This compensates for positional mis-alignment across multiple connectors. It also eases any stresses from misaligned connections, helping maintain the contact force over time.