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EU Directive 2015/863 and Regulation 1907/2006

EU RoHS is the leading legislation for change, to consider the impact of discarded electronics on the environment. Many other countries now have their own versions. EU REACH is an exhaustive study of all substances used in any manufactured product, with a view to identifying and restricting the harmful substances (SVHC).

EU RoHS – 2015/863/EU

Harwin connectors and PCB hardware items are not required to be compliant as complete items themselves (and therefore do not carry CE marking) – however, once they are incorporated in a piece of electrical or electronics equipment, they will be considered to be a collection of homogeneous materials and must therefore meet the material requirements of the legislation. Harwin declare products as RoHS compliant to aid customers in choosing the right products for a complete RoHS compliant build list.


Because Harwin supply products that are either out of scope of RoHS (such as mechanical hand tools), or are not suitable for use within a RoHS-compliant product, we are unable to supply a generic statement to cover all products. Individual RoHS statements for any specific product can be found on the product page – search by part number to find the correct product page, then locate the Environmental Compliance section on the page.


EU REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of CHemical substances

Registration is required for companies that either produce or import into the EU any substance in volumes that exceed one tonne per substance. Harwin do not exceed this import amount, and is therefore not required to register any of the substances in use.

For Authorization and Restriction (including SVHC, Annexes 14 and 17), Harwin’s statement on EU REACH is available for download, and is also located on each individual product page.


If you require RoHS or REACH statements for a product not listed on our website (such as a custom manufactured product), or you have a question on legislation for other countries not covered on the Environmental Legislation Statement, please contact [email protected] for assistance.