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Environmental Legislation Statement

Summary statement of all materials legislations considered by Harwin.

Environmental Legislation Statement – PDF

Harwin monitors and complies with the following legislations and initiatives:

  • EU RoHS.
  • Conflict Minerals.
  • PFOS/PFOA: Perfluorooctane sulfonates is a restricted substance and Perfluorooctanoic acid is also reported to be both carcinogenic and toxic. We are confident that no PFOS/PFOA is present in any Harwin product placed on the market.
  • ELV: Any Harwin product compliant with The RoHS Directive will also comply with The EU’s ELV Directive (2000/53/EC).
  • Ozone Depleting Substances: Harwin products do not contain any ODS.
  • Radioactive Substances: These are not present in any products supplied by Harwin.
  • Asbestos: This substance is not present in any products supplied by Harwin.
  • Biocidal Products Regulation: No substances controlled by The BPR (EU Regulation No: 528/2012) are used within any Harwin product.
  • Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive: Harwin place a requirement upon all their packaging vendors to ensure compliance with EU Directive No: 94/62/EC + amendments.

Harwin monitors, but is not required to comply with, the following legislations:

  • Other RoHS legislations worldwide.
  • WEEE: The majority of Harwin’s products are components and are therefore not affected by, and do not have any obligations under, EU Directive 2012/19/EU. The few EEE products manufactured by Harwin are exclusively sold within Asia, therefore they do not have any obligations under this legislation. Note that all EEE owned and used by Harwin is responsibly disposed of at the end of its working life, as directed by the requirements of the UK WEEE Directive.
  • China RoHS: All Harwin products (including the EEE products sold in Asia) are out of scope of this legislation.
  • The EMC Directive.
  • The Batteries Directive.
  • California Proposition 65.

Harwin is aware of the following subjects and initiatives:

  • Halogen-Free Plastics (elimination of Chlorine- and Bromine-based flame retardants): Harwin is using Halogen-free plastics in all new designs and considering our options for existing products.
  • AD-DSL: Please cross check with the target product’s Material Composition document.
  • GADSL: Please cross check with the target product’s Material Composition document.
  • IMDS: Harwin is registered with the IMDS database and can declare and propose a product on request. Please email The Compliance Team with the part number(s) and your company’s IMDS ID.
  • CoRAP: The substances listed within CoRAP are not regulated or restricted but Harwin continue to monitor this list and will review any action required when relevant.
  • EPEAT: As a component manufacturer, Harwin is not directly affected by this voluntary scheme.
  • The SCIP Database: As Harwin is not within the European Union, we are unable to load data into The SCIP Database. To support our customers in the EU, Harwin can supply SCIP data upon request.


Harwin’s EU REACH statement and Conflict Minerals CMRT can be found at www.harwin.com/harwin-values/environment/. EU RoHS and Material Composition statements are on individual product pages – search for the part number at www.harwin.com.  If you cannot find the specific document you require, or have any questions about the above statements, please contact [email protected].


This information is provided based on reasonable inquiry of our suppliers and represents our current actual knowledge based on the information provided by our suppliers. Harwin products are components and are therefore not CE marked. This information is subject to change: Harwin operate an on-going development programme. Contact [email protected] for updates and further information.


HF-333  Issue: 4  Date: 11-Mar-2021   C/Order: 30422