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SWaP-C – Making Your Best Choice

What is SWaP-C?

SWaP-C is an acronym for Size, Weight, Power and Cost. The original acronym was SWaP (Size, Weight and Power), which is why the A is before the P and not after.

The reason for this acronym is to highlight the basic requirements when designing an electronic system or device. It’s not a good design if you’ve managed to reduce the size but can no longer achieve the power requirements or your cost has passed an acceptable budget.

These criteria are also used in considering a re-design. Technology and improvements in devices or components are continuous. If these advances mean you can improve one or two, or ideally all four, then this may be an excellent reason to redesign and upgrade.



Is the order of letters important?

No, this is not true. Even though cost was added in later, arguably it’s on the same level of importance, if not even higher. If you can’t achieve the size/weight/power needed to make the device work, at the right retail price – don’t make the product!


Are we only talking about hardware?

You can also apply the same logic to software and coding. Programs carry a size and weight in terms of Megabits and Gigabits. A well-written program or app should use less power than a badly written one. Cost is not just an initial development problem – is the coding future-proofed and developer-friendly? Have you added helpful reminder lines into the code to help with updates? Are updates easy to install or overwrite?

As Harwin only supply hardware products and not software, we can’t help you with this aspect, but it is still important when considering the whole equipment bundle.


How can Harwin help?

We develop our products for your SWaP-C requirements. We want to help you get the best from your design and understand where adjustments can be made whilst still meeting the vital criteria.

Our high-reliability connectors are as small and light as we can make them, whilst still delivering amazing current (power) levels for their size. Every feature on the product has a purpose, and the final design is cost-effective compared to industry standard alternatives.


Other products in the Harwin range give you similar benefits. From durable industrial connectors to simple EMC shielding solutions, SMT hardware to spring contacts. All deliver benefits that make your SWaP-C analysis worth re-visiting.

How can we help you?

Our Experts are happy and willing to advise how to improve your SWaP-C with Harwin products – we can help with your design challenges.

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